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  13. the language of the Rod's , Chevin Chayven
  14. crossovers you would like to have seen in the dt series, or would like to see...
  15. Disappointed
  16. I believe I have found Bango Skank ( dark tower-spoilers!)
  17. real merchandising for S.K.
  18. A real question for Joe Hill and Siblings
  19. The Old People
  20. Just a poem I felt like sharing.
  21. Freestanding doors - allusions and otherwise?
  22. Roland's quest for the Tower
  23. Dark Tower Series Continuation
  24. The Dark Tower Companion coming soon!
  25. Who else digs this idea...
  26. A question about the ending (SPOILERS)
  27. Apt Pupil has a DT connection..
  28. What was the western Inspiration for The Dark Tower
  29. Something to think about and perhaps a question (SPOILERS)
  30. Favorite lines?
  31. Question About Series In Relation to Poem
  32. Is High Speech based on any existing language?
  33. Crazy artist request
  34. Need advice on which book to read next..... I'm jonesing for some Mid World!
  35. The cosmology and physics of All-World
  36. Roland's retirement
  37. Dark Tower omnibus edition
  38. What's the best book/website that coherently explains the Dark Tower mythology
  39. *Spoilers* Rewrite please? (long)
  40. Covers
  41. Were Morgan Sloat and Phil Sawyer around during the time of the "Old People"? SPOILER
  42. everything goes 19?
  43. Revised DT: Flagg confusion, looking for help *spoilers*
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  45. Guides by Anthony Flamini
  46. A Dark Tower re-read...
  47. the character Roland, SK's inspiration
  48. Oddball musings about the DT series...
  49. does anyone else get that feeling..
  50. DILEMMA!
  51. Roland's age
  52. Reading Order
  53. SK's inspiration for the character Tammy Kelly?
  54. Dark Tower Special Edition Numbered Books Hunt
  55. Dark Tower V-VII = Star Wars Prequels?
  56. As if 7 books plus others isn't enough...