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Will there be another Dark Tower book?

There will not be another book but Marvel Comics is producing a comic book series which will fill in some of the gaps from Rolandís earlier life.

Are there audio releases for the new books?

Yes, there are audio editions of the final three books and The Gunslinger will be recorded with the new material. Frank Muller was unable to do the recordings, as he is still not recovered fully from his motorcycle accident. Stephen's choice as the reader for the final books was George Guidall.

Is Stephen going to do a Dark Tower movie?

I've always resisted that idea because movies have a way of freezing characters and places in the audience's mind whereas in books everybody has their own different idea of, for instance, how Roland or Susannah looks but if you do it as a movie, immediately that kind of gets frozen in place and you say 'Oh, Billy Bob Thornton is what Roland Deschain looks like.' Or you say 'Brad Pitt, that's what Eddie Dean looks like.' You know what I'm saying, or you can say 'Calla Bryn Sturgis from Wolves of the Calla looks like maybe the Universal back lot', and I've always resisted that. The issue with The Dark Tower books is there's so much story, so many incidents, that it couldn't be done in one movie alone. It would have to be done at least as a trilogy the way The Lord of the Rings movies were done or it would have to be done as a TV series, probably on HBO because of the violence, the way The Sopranos was done. I haven't entirely ruled that idea out but for the next two or three years while the books have their initial run, I think that if you want the story of Roland, you'll have to get it at your bookstore rather than the local movie theater.

Stephen King

Where can I buy the Marvel Dark tower comics?

They are available wherever Marvel comics are usually sold. For more information about the series, go to

The hardcover edition is generally available wherever books are sold.

Is Stephen going to make a Dark Tower video game?

So far Stephen hasn't been interested in adapting The Dark Tower as a video game.

Why did Wolves of the Calla turn my hands black?

It was the first time the publisher had used a cloth cover saturated with dye. They won't be repeating it for the other books.

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