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Who does the voice of Antubis?

Kett Turton who plays "Paul" is the voice of "Antubis."

Who does the voice of "Blondi" (Otto's dog)?

Julian Richings who plays "Otto" is the voice of "Blondi."

Who does the voice of Charlie (Dave Hooman's dog)?

Ryan Robbins who plays "Dave Hooman" is the voice of "Charlie."

Who wrote The Journals of Eleanor Druse?

It was written by author, Rick Dooling, who also wrote episodes 6, 7, 8 and 11 as well as co-writing episode 5 of Kingdom Hospital. Rick also served as a technical adviser and producer for the series. He is the author of White Man's Grave and Brain Storm.

When will Kingdom Hospital air in my area?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide that information... there are far too many areas and stations. We suggest that you contact your local ABC affiliate, the BBC or the channel carrying it in your area.

Is there a Kingdom Hospital DVD?

There are currently a few different sets available in several different regions. Check with your favorite local retailer or online store.

Where can I find the official Kingdom Hospital site?

The site is located at

Will there be a second season?

ABC did not renew Kingdom Hospital for a second season, and there are no plans at this time to do one with another network.

What songs were played in the series?

Worry About You, performed by IVY (Theme Song)
Red Dragon Tattoo, performed by Fountains of Wayne (Played while Peter is jogging)
Wee Wee Hours, performed by Chuck Berry
Where's Your Head At, performed by Basement Jaxx
Kiss Him Goodbye, performed by STEAM

Where can I find more information on Kingdom Hospital?

The Sony Pictures website is a good place to start, you can find it online here.

Additionally, you may want to look at ABC's Kingdom Hospital site here.

BBC3's Kingdom Hospital page is available here.

Will there be a soundtrack CD released?

The decision has yet to be made.

What is "The Kingdom?"

"The Kingdom" was a Danish mini-series by Lars von Trier first aired in 1994. It was originally titled "Riget," and is the basis for Kingdom Hospital.
Click here for the IMDB listing.

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