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Thread: Different translations

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    Default Different translations

    Hi! I have a question about translations of SK books.
    I'm from Poland and I read a lot of King's books, every translated into Polish (my English isn't good enough to read novels in this language, just short stories). All of his books were published in my country, the only one which wasn't is Rage. Their titles are mostly consistent with the original: names weren't changed, e.g. Christine is Christine and Cujo is Cujo. The others are translated quite literally and have the same meaning like English ones: Green Mile is Zielona Mila (the same, Green Mile), Full Dark, No Stars is Czarna bezgwiezdna noc (it means Black starless night, but is very similiar to original title) etc.
    But there are some books, which titles were completely changed by Polish translators. The Needful Things is Sklepik z marzeniami, and it means The shop with dreams, so it's very different from title that Stephen created. The same Duma Key - in Polish it's Ręka Mistrza (Matser's hand).
    And here's my question: has SK got any impact on changing the titles of his books or they depend only on the translators? Do translators contact with him to ask if the changed title would be good or SK doesn't even know what the titles are in foreign countries (even if they're totally different from original ones)?
    Thank you and please answer

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    I'm not 100% sure but I believe the title change is contained in the contract for the publishing rights but I don't recall there being any discussion ahead of time regarding them. The initial negotiations for the publishing rights including the title would be through his agent for foreign rights.

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    Default Re: Different translations's an interesting translation...

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    I read all SK stories on Swedish and Finnish. OK admit I have read some on English as well.
    And the titles are almost same as English.
    Here is some examples.
    -Full Dark No Stars is Nattsvart Stjärnlöst on Swedish
    -Christine is Christine on Swedish but it's Christine Tappaja auto on Finnish
    -Dark Half is Stark on Swedish and Pimeä Puoli on Finnish

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNTLGNT View Post's an interesting translation...

    You crack me up.....not sure you always mean to, but it's always fun having you around! ♥


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