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Thread: Apt Pupil -- The Film

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    Default Apt Pupil -- The Film

    This was an under appreciated film. Ian McKellen did an outstanding job as a former SS commander in WWII. Of course, he always does a great acting job (ever see his Richard The III? He was awesome). Renfro, too, was excellent.

    Just my .03 cents worth.


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    Default Re: Apt Pupil -- The Film

    100% agree...but having Star Movies show this film for a considerable amount of time makes up for the "underappreciation."

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    Default Re: Apt Pupil -- The Film

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    Default Re: Apt Pupil -- The Film

    I love the fact it was the boy that turned out to be the evil one. His obsession was frightening. Outstanding performances from both Renfro and McKellen.

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    Default Re: Apt Pupil -- The Film

    I wonder if a soviet-america would produce boys like that.

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    Default Re: Apt Pupil -- The Film

    Really? I thought this was a turkey.
    Renfro was awful and Sir McKellan wasted his time.
    It also had a script that left much to be desired and a director who hadn't completed teething. Mr. Singer did a great job on other (read: later) flicks but truly showed poor judgment when he didn't cast Heath Ledger as Todd.

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    Default Re: Apt Pupil -- The Film

    If you liked Apt Pupil the film or book.The Reader starring Kate Winslet is worth checking out,a very similar story

    Wikipedia reference-linkThe Reader (2008 film)
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    Default Re: Apt Pupil -- The Film

    Todd Bowden is just scary son of bitch

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    Default Re: Apt Pupil -- The Film

    I hated that they screwed up the ending but I really did like the fist 2/3 of it.

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    Default Re: Apt Pupil -- The Film

    Well, I will post my questions to Author here, and may be it would be interesting for others too... I see, that it isn't only reApt Pupil, but it seems to me, that the Long Walk contains something like this...

    "Dear Mr. King!
    I’m your fan and writing you from St-Petersburg, Russia.
    I’m following your works for a long time, and I have several questions, induced by them. The most dramatic works for me are “The Long Walk” and “Apt Pupil”.
    So, I made a decision to write you and to find out, I saw the sense enclosed to those books correctly. Your answers and your opinion are very important for me.
    Such themes as “Nazism” and “worship of Death”, as I see, they are the main lines for both, “Walk” and “Pupil”.
    The society with clear signs of a fascist state is shown in “The Long Walk”. And in the same time – the core of the life of that society is the worship of Death, organized as a Show with ritual self-murders…
    The second point is regarding “The Apt Pupil”. It was very interesting to compare the book and the movie. In general, the movie reflected the book in details, but with exception of the final part. It looks like a message that something has changed during the time between the book and the movie, that Nazism get a chance in the contemporary world. And actually, Dussander escaped the penalty and his pupil is unrecognized… Is this the message, sent by the movie?
    Through your answers, I hope to understand better the changes of our life and our world.
    In the near past, my Homeland overcame Nazism in the incredible fight. Now, I see, the struggle begins again.
    I very hope, I would have time and possibility to answer my questions.
    Yours faithfully,
    St-Petersburg, Russia."

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