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my egg has finally hatched.!

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Thread: my egg has finally hatched.!

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    Default my egg has finally hatched.!

    hello everybody, my name is tracie and this is my very first post on stephen king's website.I don't know any of you but this is a very big thing for me.Mr stephen king has been for me a big part of my life like having him as a member of your household.I moved to italy from ireland at eighteen,eighteen years ago and for the first eleven years i lived mainly on my own (now very happily married with two children),so for me when i'd come home from work i would come home to my two cats and stephen king!his books are haunting like when you read them it's like walking into another world,our every day life is put on stand-by.i've never had a computer,my husband gave me one at christmas and its the best thing since sliced bread!When i clicked into the stephen king site for the first time i was so emotional for me.it's like not only is he a member of the household its like he's sitting on the couch asking for an espresso.

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    Default Re: my egg has finally hatched.!

    Was it a reptile or a bird within the egg?

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    Default Re: my egg has finally hatched.!

    I was starved for non-educational reading matter after the first three months of being a college student in Germany. I found a paperback incarnation of The Talisman at an international newspaper kiosk in a train station, and devoured the whole thing in under a week. I normally don't read that fast but it was obvious to me that I needed something escapist in my mother tongue. As you can tell, it left a rather large impression on me. :-) I know how you feel about re-discovering Mr. King's work after a hiatus away from it.

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    Default Re: my egg has finally hatched.!

    Welcome to the board. We all have King storys .Glad we can all share this together.

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    Default Re: my egg has finally hatched.!

    its like he's sitting on the couch asking for an espresso
    ...trust me, he has enough jingle in his pocket to buy his own damned espresso......I still love to be enlightened as to how all of us came to "worship" at the altar of all things King...and this makes a neat addition and so do you m'lady...you are well met...(plus, you and my wife share the same first name-hers is just spelled a weensy bit different)...

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