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Thread: Uncut version? (Brady's body torn apart)

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    Default Uncut version? (Brady's body torn apart)

    As a kid I remember seeing a scene that haunted me for a long time. It was the scene with Brady's body when they find it. The original VHS and the DVD are both missing this scene. I was going to make a thread at IMDb but someone already beat me to it. It seems like I was watching it on tv back in 89 or 90 when I first saw it. Then when my mom opened the video store in the early 90s, the VHS the store had didn't have this scene and I remember being disappointed. I would give anything to see this scene again and spark this dormant memory from childhood!

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    Default Re: Uncut version? (Brady's body torn apart)

    I love how companies just decide to "hack up"(pun intended)films after the fact, or hell-before for that matter-let your own brain be the censor...

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    Default Re: Uncut version? (Brady's body torn apart)

    Censorship is murder!!! ok, maybe its not that bad, but it still sucks.

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    Default Re: Uncut version? (Brady's body torn apart)

    hmmm...i don't remember that scene, but i'll take your word for it: i saw 'raiders of the lost ark' at a sneak a week or two before it opened wide...there were scenes, and snippets of scenes that i had described to friends (who did not go with me)...

    when we saw it on its official premier day...those scenes were gone and they called me all sorts of derisive names; same thing happened with 'the shining'...

    all this happens all too often...and yet...we can't get rid of the kardashians !

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