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Thread: Did King not like the movie? Why not?

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    Default Did King not like the movie? Why not?

    I've recently been devouring all of Stephen Kings books through audiobooks. I have a driving job, and I can listen to them all day, it's like stealing! In the prologue of Storm of the Century(I believe), he mentions not being happy with Silver Bullet.

    This made me curious because having grown up with Silver Bullet as a childhood favorite, when I read the book, it was one of the very rare occasions when I thought the movie was better. The characters in the book seemed pretty much the same as the movie, but the movie almost had a warmer feel than the book.

    Anyway, just curious if anyone knows what King didn't like about the film version.

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    Default Re: Did King not like the movie? Why not?

    Though without the book there wouldn't be the film ....... All the films are so much tamer than the books. I haven't read all the books however but i'm sure this to be the case. I trully think due to alot of the films low budgets it would be near impossible to be totally acurate to the books. Alot of thought has to go into to the films to get round special effects that couldn't be done within the budget. As the basis of the story is there already the film maker has longer to think of smaller ideas to enhance the film in there own vision. Also censorship would be difficult to get round especially in the case of tv movies. And nearly almost all the films would have to be 6 hours long to do justice to the books in depth.

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    Default Re: Did King not like the movie? Why not?

    Maybe you heard wrong. I thought he did like it. He seems to like most of the film adaptations of his work, even the ones audiences hate. He adapted the novella for the screenplay himself, I think. I dunno. (This original screenplay, BTW, featured the werewolf singing the beer jingle from the opening scene. Yikes. Glad that didn't make the cut.)
    You're right, though. The movie is considerably warmer. Personally, I love it! I think it's an improvement on the novella, which always seemed kinda half-hearted to me. (It started out as a calendar, after all.) Corey Haim is great, I LOVE the chase scene that ends in the covered bridge, and the movie's also got Gary Busey -- one of the last times he appeared onscreen before he became a horrifying joke.

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    Default Re: Did King not like the movie? Why not?

    pretty good b-movie..busey and haim are in top-notch, b-movie form...most of the cast rises to the occasion

    too bad they couldn't have done something all, really, with the creature: from the crappy transformation to the hokey, unscary look of the beast: one of the worst werewolf critters of its time

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    Default Re: Did King not like the movie? Why not?

    Never heard he didn't like it. There was something about those Dino DeLaurentiis King adaptations I always liked a lot. Apart from The Dead Zone (which was a splendid movie all around) they often felt like B-movies, but they felt like good, fun B-movies, there was a heart to them (unlike some of the other direct-to-video and tv-movie type of things that have come out since, like Desperation, which feel very flat).

    Also they had some good actors and casting: James Woods as someone trying to quit smoking is superb casting, imo.

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