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Thread: The One Hundred and Twelfth

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    This still feels like the right place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moderator View Post
    This still feels like the right place.
    Indeej, can't be no wrong place for a Smeej!

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    Funny thing is, the last time someone named Rice was up for this position, they were 100% on board with it. They say that Susan Rice lied - an allegation of which they have NO proof. But when Condi actually did lie about Iraq, that was a-okay. F**king hypocrites!

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    Smeejie Squeegie, you are brilliant. I don't know how you are able to sum up all the political shenanigans this country dishes up in rhyming verse. It makes me head hurt to even think of trying to come with th rhyme scheme. I'm glad you resurrected this thread!

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    Welcome to the One Thirteen; farewell One, One, Two.
    I can almost guarantee we won't be missing you.
    Maybe your replacements will be better - Can't be worse...
    Not unless the Congress shifts from stalled into reverse.

    Even on the fiscal cliff you only kicked the can.
    Hopefully, the One Thirteen can hatch a better plan.
    All you ever did was fight and, thus, got nothing done.
    In the end, I wonder what it is you think you won?

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    it will get worse, i have no doubt
    this congress will offend
    the R's & D's can only pout
    thus progress will upend

    it would be nice if once or twice,
    these dolts could get it right
    but truth requires too high a price
    it's easier just to fight

    at least then, when punches land
    scores can then be savored...
    and we the people, this merry band
    can see which team is favored

    but it's a blood sport, this
    and no victor can be rendered
    and its our future that is being dissed
    when politics become so blendered

    is this the way it really must be
    or can we make 'em make a change
    can make them listen to the 'we...'
    'fore all become e'en more deranged

    only when 'we' all get mad
    mad as a proverbial hatter
    will pols affect to not be bad
    and understand that 'we' do matter

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