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Thread: Oh man, this is why I love Stephen King!

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    Default Re: Oh man, this is why I love Stephen King!

    Quote Originally Posted by sam peebles View Post
    In the introductions of one of the graphic novel collections of the Dark Tower comics (can't remember which one), King also discussed going back in time to prevent the killing of JFK.

    "I'd like to tell a time-travel story where this guy finds a diner that connects to 1958... you always go back to the same day. So one day he goes back and just stays. Leaves his 2007 life behind. His goal? To get up to November 22, 1963, and stop Lee Harvey Oswald. He does, and he's convinced he's just FIXED THE WORLD. But when he goes back to '07, the world's a nuclear slag-heap. Not good to fool with Father Time. So then he has to go back again and stop himself... only he's taken on a fatal dose of radiation, so it's a race against time."

    And yeah, Dead Zone is awesome. Such a simple idea, but oh, the places King takes you with it.
    I have another book that is a take on a similar theme. It's called Replay by Ken Grimwood and won the 1988 World Fantasy Award. Basically about a guy who is in a time loop. But on one of his loops LHO does not kill JFK, but someone else does! He finds as his replays go on that he cannot change any major events that have occurred in the world. It's a very good book.

    And yes, I think The Dead Zone is SK's best book. A big call, I know, but his characterisations are so marvellous - what I like best about his novels - you can see how Johnny's thoughts are slowly changed and how he justifies himself. I like Rose Madder for the same reasons - his insights into the inner workings of our psyches is terrific.

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    Default Re: Oh man, this is why I love Stephen King!

    I thought the love story in the beginning was very well told from a beautiful man's heart, never hear much about that from people.

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    Default Re: Oh man, this is why I love Stephen King!

    Quote Originally Posted by 1BachmanKing9 View Post
    I thought the love story in the beginning was very well told from a beautiful man's heart, never hear much about that from people.
    Dead Zone is one of my top 5 favorite books (by anyone) of all time.

    It definitely is a love story, no question.
    It's a tragic love story, one where two people love each other but can't be together.
    Love that can't be satisfied is a huge part of what moves this story.
    Johnny would never be the same man he was before the accident, and that broke his heart. Even a comforting hug might turn into a painful ordeal.
    The whole dynamic of life, love and liberty became something too hard to navigate for him and yet he kept on trying.
    He kept loving and caring no matter how much it hurt him.

    I'd kinda like to buy him a coffee and danish some day and just let him vent.

    It may be time for a re-read, thanks for the reminder.

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    Default Re: Oh man, this is why I love Stephen King!

    Welcome to the board, Analog6! Keep posting!

    I know sK has said The Dead Zone is one of his personal favorites. It's the one I give to folks who are interested in giving him a try.

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    Default Re: Oh man, this is why I love Stephen King!

    This is such an underrated book. No one ever talks about The Dead Zone as being one of their favourites when you ask people. A great tragedy and love story like others have said.

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    Default Re: Oh man, this is why I love Stephen King!

    I have just finished reading The Dead Zone, & thoroughly enjoyed it. It's definitely one of my favourite SK books & it will be one I reread often.
    The blend of tragic love story, psychic powers, & politics is beautifully handled. Johnny is a very sympathetic & unique character, & the reader can really feel his pain, & understand the inner conflict his psychic ability brings.
    The scene at the fair with the Wheel of Fortune is a powerful symbol of fate, & the hand that one is dealt in life. The Halloween mask Johnny scares Sarah with is also a great symbol of The Shadow, the Jungian concept of the potential darkness that is hidden within us. Here we are given a precognisant glimpse, just like Johnny's own psychic flashes, of the transformation that he will undergo following the accident, coma, & subsequent "rebirth".
    Another aspect of this book that I particularly enjoyed was the sense of restraint in dealing with Johnny's vision of the future with Stillson as knew very bad things were going to transpire, but like the Dead Zone itself, only a blurred suggestion of the horrors to come. The same held true for the ending. It was given to the reader in snippets, from letters to witness statements, & we can only imagine the totality of what actually happened.
    As a warning against fast talking politicians of dubious character, once again SK's humanity & intelligence shine through. He reveals the evil despot that lurks in small town politics, & the potential of such petty tyrants to rise & threaten our freedom & ultimately our lives. The parallel with Hitler is a point perfectly made, & of timeless value. I also was intrigued by the connection to 11/22/63 in this regard! The way SK creates an interconnected parallel version of the world, his own world, via his body of work is mind blowing...the fleeting cross reference to Carrie that is mentioned in The Dead Zone is another example of this...

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