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Thread: Cut Version of Salem's Lot

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    back in the day...back in the '70's/80's...a heck of alot of american tv movies/series were, in fact, edited down to become cinema releases overseas (the 1st, original Battlestar Galactica was one of the few i can recall that got a stateside edit/release)...this could be the origin of this monstrosity...

    however...the networks often also edited down their own stuff for repeat viewings, figuring the audience wouldn't want to sit through the whole thing...or for ancilliary sales to secondary various lo-fi uhf stations of the day

    when it comes to vhs/dvd/cd sales...the cretins-that-be often release the lesser version first...then resell the consumer the newer/bigger/better/badder version later...just to get your bucks: it's called 'capitalism'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerald View Post
    Rewatched it. Still loved it.

    When Danny is floating in front of Mark's window though, at a certain point when he moves back you can clearly see he's sitting on some device - it looks like it's wrapped in black plastic or cloth, probably meant to blend in the background; it is however very noticable. Breaks the illusion quite when you see it.

    But on the whole it's a masterclass in evoking a creepy atmosphere.
    I just watched this the other night. i remember noticing the device he's sitting on the last time i watched it some years ago. I think because it's DVD things are MUCH clearer and you can see what you couldn't see when it was originally broadcast.

    Anyway, I just forced myself to look at the floating characters' faces when they appeared at the window and I got through it without noticing. Granted, i knew it was there--thus the keeping of my eyes on the faces--but it didn't take me as "out" of the movie as it did the other time when I first noticed the device.

    Still creepy...

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    This was cut down and edited for a theatrical release overseas, and then released on video. It has a different score as well....the same composer, same style of music but different cues all throughout the film.

    Its interesting to watch, but I much prefer the mini-series

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