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    Is the 1979 movie faithful to the novel?

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    It's been so long since I watched it, I can't remember.

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    It's pretty decent. Gonna have to decide for yourself.

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    Faithful?...alas, no...the movie had an affair with a late night chat show...and the resulting offspring were the infants of Reality TV....(what the hell did I just type?? Damn meds!)

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    There are some bit that stay faithful, but then there are other bits that you think to yourself... urm, why did THAT happen?
    But it is a decent watch and there are always going to be changes from book to screen.
    I would recommend it, but just remember they have to make changes for a film audience

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    I thought it was more of a 'condensed, simplified' version of the book, as often happens.

    I was watching Hammer's 'Dracula, Prince of Darkness' the other day, and the famous scene in the bedroom with the two boys is essentially in that too, only it is two women - one turned vampire trying to persuade the other to let her in. It isn't as strong a scene as in 'Salem's Lot' but it is essentially the same. The fact that the vampires float just makes it scarier, and that they're kids, which is more disturbing.

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