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My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

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Thread: My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

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    Default My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

    Christian Bale - Roland Deschain of Gilead.
    Michael C. Hall - The Man in Black.
    Ryan Reynolds - Eddie Dean.
    Zoe Saldana - Susannah Dean/Odetta Holmes/Detta Walker.
    Nathan Gamble - Jake Chambers.
    Bruce Willis - Cortland "Cort" Andrus.
    Daniel Craig - Steven Deschain.
    Marion Cotillard - Gabrielle Deschain.
    Kevin Spacey - The Crimson King.
    Saoirse Ronan - Susan Delgado.
    Willem Dafoe - Jack Mort (The Pusher).
    Malcolm McDowell - Mayor Thorin.
    Paul Levesque (Triple H) - Andrew Quick/Tick Tock Man.
    Andy Serkis - Gasher.
    Sam Elliott - Eldred Jonas.
    John Cusack - Clay Reynolds.
    Benicio Del Toro - Roy Depape.
    James Cromwell - Father Callahan.
    Robin Williams - Blaine the Mono (Voice).
    Helena Bonham Carter - Rhea of the Coos.
    Vincent D'Onofrio - Enrico Balazar.
    James Gandolfini - Jack Andoloni.
    Sharon Stone - Aunt Cordelia Delgado.
    Martin Landau - Aaron Deepneau.
    David Ogden Stiers - Calvin Towers.
    Eric Stoltz - Elmer Chambers.
    Brad Dourif - Ben Slightman, Sr.
    Miranda Otto - Alice.
    Kathy Bates - Sylvia Pittson.
    Logan Lerman - Roland Deschain of Gilead (teenager).
    Freddie Highmore - Cuthbert Allgood.
    Spencer Breslin - Alain Johns.
    Thomas Dekker - Mordred Deschain of Discordia.
    Kevin Covais - Sheemie Ruiz.
    Alexander Skarsgard - Patrick Danville.
    Stephen King - Himself.

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    Default Re: My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

    ....and Jerry Mathers as...The Beaver......

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    Default Re: My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

    It's a good list, but Christian Bale would not be my choice for Roland. The rest is well thought although I wouldn't hazard a guess of the cost of a movie with that many stars (and their attendant egos).

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    Default Re: My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

    C'mon- The only one we can see as Roland is Clint Eastwood. I'm sorry to say he's a bit long in the tooth, which I hate saying out loud. But then again, the only one I ever saw playing Randall Flagg WWWWAAAAYYY back when the book came out was Robert Shaw. Sure wasn't Jamie Sheridan. And Richard Dreyfuss as Glenn Bateman.

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    Default Re: My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

    I think Eddie Dean and Cuthbert Allgood should be played by the same guy

    DT6 "But King (SK) did not answer this."I saw Eddie I saw him very well." A pause "Cuthbert and Eddie are twins""

    Stephen King should be played by Joe Hill.He's the spitting image of sai King in '77

    Stephen King could play Rolands father

    DT6 "Eddie saw with no real surprise that Stephen King looked like Roland.Given the age difference they could never be mistaken for twins,but father and son? Yes. Easily"

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    Default Re: My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

    I read somewhere recently that Aaron Paul who plays Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad was interested in playing Eddie Dean, and I love that idea. As I've been going through my 1st reread (over 20 yrs since the first time through on the early books), I've been "casting" actors as well, but in smaller roles, too. In doing so, as I re-read "The Pusher" section about Jack Mort, I realized how awesome it would be to play this tricky character. Here you have a psychotic 'very bad man' who gets taken over by Roland and then acts in a very strange but basically 'good' way. I pictured Guy Pearce in the role and rather enjoyed that idea, IMHO.

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    Default Re: My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

    I really like the op's cast list. Just finished the reread of Waste Lands last night and I was stuck on who I envisioned as Tick Tock man - I never heard of Triple H, but after looking him up on IMDB, I highly concur! It is a much better fit than the lame one I came up with, a dirty beefed up Brad Pitt. (He's hit and miss for me, better than most give him credit for, but still kinda limited, IMHO.) Also really dig the idea of Michael C. Hall as The Man in Black - great choice!

    Anyway, for Blaine, I also started with Robin Williams, but then I started hearing Alec Baldwin's voice, and that did it for me - can't change it now, ha!

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    Default Re: My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

    Ryan Reynolds is WAY too old to play Eddie Dean. There is no way he can pass as a dude in his mid 20's anymore. The proper casting for this role is Aaron Paul.

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    Default Re: My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

    Triple H as Tick Tock? That's interesting. I'm a frequent viewer of WWE and I'm familiar enough with him, but I don't know. I think I'd have to go back and read The Waste Lands again. And I've said it before, and Andro mentioned it as well, but I like Aaron Paul for Eddie Dean.

    Robin Williams as Blaine the Mono? I'd never thought of that, but I think it could definitely work.

    I'm not a huge fan of Christian Bale, but he's really the only person I could think of to play Roland. Wasn't Javier Bardem rumored to play Roland a while back? If Christian Bale is in it, I could see Joseph-Gordon Levitt possibly as Eddie.

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    Default Re: My casting for "The Dark Tower" (the entire series)

    Jesse Pinkman is a great Eddie

    HHH as Tick Tock sounds like a great fit too.

    The Monster voice from Futurama (the news anchor and Lurr) would be good for the Mono

    ROland.... Viggo Mortenson?

    this guy is 100% Cort:
    Brendan Gleeson
    Click image for larger version. 

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