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Thread: How would the DT movies be divided?

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    Default How would the DT movies be divided?

    If this thing actually does happen, I understand the movie would be 3 parts long, and then have an accompanying tv mini series in between movies?

    I would assume the first movie may cover the events of The Gunslinger and Drawing of Three. Im thinking a second movie might cover Wastelands and Wizard and Glass (non prequel part). Maybe then you would have a tv mini series to cover Wizard and Glass. And part III of the movie series would cover the events of Wolves, Song, and DT? I know that part III would end up being long as hell, but I cant see any other way.

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    Default Re: How would the DT movies be divided?

    How would the DT movies be divided?
    ...with a Jedi Ginsu...slice it up like buttah...

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    Default Re: How would the DT movies be divided?

    In my mind the first movie would cover The Gunslinger and Drawing of the Three until Roland sees the door. 2nd would pick up at the first door and end with Jake's drawing from the Speaking Ring in The Wastelands. Mini-series/tv series would start with the town of River Crossing, cover the books through the end of Song of Susannah. The last book may need to be split into two parts like Harry Potter or <shudder> Twilight movies. Under the 2 part movie scenario the 1st part would end either at the point Roland meets his old friend now in the Breaker camp OR after the attack of mentioned camp. The 2nd part would pick up wherever the 1st ends and continues until the end of The Dark Tower.

    My biggest hope/ scene I'd like to see is this.... The opening of the movie would be like the start of the fifth season finale of Buffy the Vampire where the events of the first 99 episodes fast scrolled until present day. In the Gunslinger it'd be a montage of events up until the point Roland finds the Waystation and passes out after seeing Jake for the first time. Events like his gunslinger test with Cort, Mejis, Jericho Hill, Tull etc but only snippets so they can be expanded on later in the movies/ tv portion. That is more of a wish/pipedream than what will happen though since I'd imagine the 1st movie will probably either start with Roland's young days in Gilead or his massacre of Tull.


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