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Thread: Your thoughts about Steve's essay

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    Default Re: Your thoughts about Steve's essay

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuggs View Post
    Arguments like these are interesting to me, because on both sides people feel that they are 100% correct. Logic would seem to say that the actual correct path would be in the middle, but then again, logic is not always correct. But I understand that some poeple's opinions are different than mine, and that is fine. Our opinions and beliefs are just that, ours, so civilaty would make the arguments go smoother, and perhaps we could get somewhere. As it is, poeple on both sides are passionate, which is also good, so all of these things tend to contradict one another. Its part of being human, I think.
    A lot of people do, but I don't. I don't feel that I'm 100% correct. Well ... I feel it, but I don't think it. Because I'm smart enough (and been proved wrong enough times) to know there's a whole bunch I don't know. I just want to find a reasonable consensus, a meeting of the minds.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts about Steve's essay

    Quote Originally Posted by Todash View Post
    Throw in prison, mama, a train, the rain, drinking, and pickup trucks, and you got yourself a certified hit.
    Well, I was drunk,
    watching Fox News in the rain.
    Obama came to get me in his pickup truck,
    and all my second amendment rights went down the damned ole drain.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts about Steve's essay

    Quote Originally Posted by MrsSmeej View Post
    Stephen King has written a new essay titled Guns.
    Bought it on my Kindle so I didn't freeze my buns.
    Only cost a little bit and all the proceeds go
    To a fund for victims (which could be a lot of dough.)

    I would read a laundry list if that's what Stephen wrote.
    If he ran for office in a state where I could vote,
    I would send him to the Senate; quite a sacrifice...
    I've already read his whole collection of books - twice.

    One of them I read before he pulled the book from print,
    (Didn't like the Bachman books; they never had a hint
    Of the light that's at the core of things that Stephen writes.)
    Didn't have to pull the book; his 1st Amendment rights

    Offered him protections which he limited himself.
    Thinks it's time to take high-powered weapons off the shelf,
    Universal background checks, keep bullet counts to 10,
    Funding for our mental health but says that, even then,

    We can't ever stop the boys determined to succeed.
    Wonder if an age limit is something that we need?
    Seems to me these murderers are young and angry men.
    Something must be done before it all shakes out again.
    "I would read a laundry list if that's what Stephen wrote"

    Thank you for the smile Keep on submitting your stuff SVP - it makes a nice change from reading rants!

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    Default Re: Your thoughts about Steve's essay

    It's a great essay, although I think Uncle Steve is entirely wrong in his assertion that Americans have zero interest in movies/television/games featuring guns. Yeah, sure, most of the top ten movies this year feature little in the way of gunplay. It's a different matter when you look at the top 100, though, and if you take weapons other than guns into account, it's clear that a large number of those movies have considerable violence in them.

    That said, I agree with the underlying thought: that violence in the entertainment media is not responsible for violence in culture. I consume a lot of that entertainment myself, so if it could turn people into murderous psychopaths, surely I'd have gone on a rampage by now. But the fact is, I'm really only a danger to chili-cheese dogs and Coca-Colas.

    They've got a reckoning coming, though, oh yes they do...

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    Default Re: Your thoughts about Steve's essay

    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
    If you want to balance out Steve's donation to the Brady Campaign, you could also donate $0.99 to the NRA. If you really hate the Brady Campaign, you could donate $10 to the NRA.
    Okay one last one.

    I don’t “hate” the Brady Foundation, but I do think they are misguided on some areas in which they are seeking government legislation. You’re all kinda missing the point I’m trying to make here. I wouldn’t really want the donation to go to the NRA, as I wouldn’t want the donation to go to the Brady Campaign. It sets the wrong attitude from the get-go if the idea was to open honest debate on the essay. I used examples I think are on opposite ends of the gun control spectrum… IMO. If the donations would be going to families of the Sandy Hook tragedy, then I would have absolutely no problem.

    But ya’ll have worn me out. I will buy the essay. I will read the essay. I will make my donation to the Brady Campaign, and hold my nose in the process... for no other reason than to be able to post in the Chattery Teeth (Other) section, under the Thread “What’s the coolest way you’ve ever read an SK story?… " and be able to answer: UNDER DURESS.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts about Steve's essay

    Quote Originally Posted by Charms7 View Post
    Are we talking about weapons that hold 15 rounds here? Really? Isn't high-powered, multi-round, so many rounds it would stop a bull elephant in its tracks, let alone an innocent bystander, what is in question to fulfill the need for home security? And would you seriously need 15 rounds to stop an intruder, or a deer, or elk, or moose, or whatever prey you find yourself hunting at the time? Have they stopped making .22 caliber guns that don't fire off 15 rounds or more? Just asking. If that's the case, then .22 caliber guns need to be outlawed too.
    Sure, they make single shot .22's and bolt action .22's but just taking a quick, cursory glance online, I found this This is a 14+1 semi-automatic .22 which means it holds 14 rounds in the magazine and one on the firing chamber for a total of 15 shots. A .22 is not considered a high powered weapon and wouldn't do much but piss off a bull elephant (I suppose if you were close enough or hit it in the eye, you might eventually get it down). All I can say in defense of such a weapon is this. If I were squirrel hunting and I sat still long enough to have several squirrels near me, I would be much more likely to bag more than one with this weapon than with a single shot. These are truly either small game hunting rifles or target shooting at cans in your "back 40" guns. That said, unless I'm shooting at deaf squirrels, they're going to be on the run after the first shot and the likelihood of hitting a moving squirrel, rabbit or any small game with a rifle is slim. A small gauge shotgun is actually better for this type of hunting.

    If you read all my posts, especially my first one which was nearly as long as Guns (thanks to Ms. Mod for allowing such a long post...I had to split it to get it all up here!) you should get my point by now which is simply the frustrating (to me) misuse of the term semi-automatic. The media latches on to a term like that and proceeds to demonize it as only the media can.

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    Care to answer the question? Do you have any original thoughts on newtown? Or, do you believe the msm media account? Simple.

    Please, if you have the answers ill listen.

    Typical. Can't address the post so deflect with non sense. I get it.

    but, can you provide answers to what should be very easy questions regarding sandy hook?

    Sorry, but that is a complete cop out not to mention illogical.

    Where's the evidence? Why no cry from the msm regarding motive? Ssri pills?

    Yup, a gun was used. Though likely not an ar15. Every media reported that pistols were used for over 24 hours. First it was two, then you realize we wouldn't be having this debate if the narrative didn't change?
    Sorry for asking questions..

    What else matters? Everything. Again, I simply am saying there are easy questions and should be easy answers! Yet, they aren't even addressed.

    Here's a quick list. There shouldn't be a list. There shouldn't be any open questions. There shouldn't be any " conspiracies". That's my point.

    Second and third shooters
    Purple van
    Nuns ( not making this up)
    Robbie Parker
    No CCTV footage? Really?
    The medical examiner
    How does it get reported lanzas mom worked at school? No one even really knew her at the school?
    How does he get through the door of a state of the art security with not one person dialing 911 ( he would've been seen approaching decked out in armor, etc.)
    Whose car was he in? Makes no sense
    An autistic kid with no real training weighing 140 pounds weighed down with armor and numerous ammo clips, etc. pulled off absolutely precise shooting? Really? Do you realize how many times he would've had to reload?
    Gene rosen? Gene, you never thought to call 911? Sorry, don't buy it.
    The,principal is quoted though she was shot

    There more. It scares me to death. You say this is disgusting? Since when is wanting answers so terrible? Anyone questioning the msm is crazy? I find that disgusting.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts about Steve's essay

    One thing I have learned from watching the West Wing and listening to NPR:

    While both sides think the other is absolutely wrong, they both come from a place of wanting to do the right thing.

    We should all keep that in mind.

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    "...Seems to me he did.(period) if you'll excuse me...I'm gonna go poop all over another "conspiracy theorist"........I just love how they get all riled up and vindictive when I bite back, after they hurl insults at the patron of our Board, just because the "opinions" expressed, don't jibe with their own views..."

    Just what I thought. Anyone questioning the corporate state media is labeled a " conspiracy theorist".
    Vindictive? Hardly.

    Opinions? Hardly. There are legitimate questions to seemingly simple things regarding newtown.
    why so dismissive? Afraid of something?

    The point is there shouldn't be any open questions. Nor should there be numerous gaffs and inconsistent reporting.
    that you all accept this bs without question speaks volumes.

    It was widely reported that pistols were used by every msm media outlet for over 24 hours. Corroborated by Feds and cops. Then suddenly it was an ar15? And you just accept that? Wow...we wouldn't be having a national debate if 9mm pistols were used...unbeliavable.

    please, since you have all the answers please enlighten me regarding the following:

    second third shooters, purple van, nuns, CCTV footage, how he entered a state of the art security system without being seen and no one called 911, the precision involved in one guy carrying this out is not consistent, to say the least, especially a feather weight autistic kid weighed down with a lot of gear, a lot. Or, how a dead principal gives a statement? I'm sorry but robbie Parker is not exhibiting the appropriate behavior, and the medical examiners press conference? Beyond unprofessional and very bizarre. Anderson coopers disapperaing nose on CNN, etc. etc.

    or, dismiss this with some pithy comment regarding "conspiracy theory" and stick your head back in the sand.

    youd think this community would want some answers.

    Snopes? No. Not even close.

    just do your own thinking and research. Things simply don't add up. You shouldn't need anyone to tell you that.

    again, ask yourself why all this " conspiracy theory" is out there? It shouldn't be. Why, then, is it?
    because the reporting was so inept and bungled that the media has no credibility. None.

    Guys like professor james Tracy are under attack because they raise legitimate questions..

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    Default Re: Your thoughts about Steve's essay

    James Tracy is a person who denies facts in order to support his own opinion. That makes him a charlatan of the highest order.

    He believes that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a false flag operation orchestrated by powerful elite interests. He believes the same thing about last summer's shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado; the same thing about the September 11 attacks; the same thing about the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing; and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; and the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Have you read the Snopes article, swampdonkeykid? If not, please do. Once you have, please debunk the statements contained therein with sourced and cited evidence.

    Jordan Webmaster

    Each problem that I solved became a rule which served afterwards to solve other problems.
    Rene Descartes

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