I saw Bernie a few nights ago and wanted to put in a good word for it. Anyone seen it?

For those who haven't, Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine, and Matthew McConnaughey are the leads...and the townspeople of Carthage, TX (as themselves, most of the time) are a study in characters. They're wonderful.

-Black plays Bernie Tiede, a fundamentally nice fellow in small-town Texas, who feels sorry for the recently-bereaved Margery Nugent and befriends her. To say the Widow Nugent isn't well-liked in town would be an understatement. So when Bernie shoots Marge in a fit of frustration and then is horrified at what's he done, he hides her body in a deep-freeze and attempts to maintain a status quo with the people in her life....but no one in town worries too much that they haven't seen Marge in a while. McConnaughey plays the
bloodhound D.A. who ultimately locks up Bernie ten months after the murder, but the journey from befriending to prison is mesmerizing....because it's true.

-I thought of Mr. King's works when I saw this. Bet he'd dig it if he hasn't seen it.

New York Times review: http://movies.nytimes.com/2012/04/27...aine.html?_r=0