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Thread: Question about a town Dolores mentions

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    Default Question about a town Dolores mentions

    I found this quote in the book (it's useless to say in which page, since my copy is the brazilian one). It's said by Dolores, and I thought it could be an easter-egg (actually I thought it was a mention to Jerusalem's Lot), but when I went to check the Stephen King's fictional map of Maine, there wasn't any south town from Little Tall created by King (actually, Salem seems to be the northern one). So, anyone knows what town this one is supposed to be?

    I researched and here's the exact quote...

    "Although it was only one-fifteen or so when I got to the village and the start of the eclipse still over three hours away, the streets were so empty it was spooky. It made me think of that little town down in the southern part of the state where they say no one lives".

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    Default Re: Question about a town Dolores mentions

    Hmmm... I don't see Jerusalem's Lot on the map. I'm pretty sure that was the town being referenced, though.

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    Default Re: Question about a town Dolores mentions

    My guess would be Chamberlain where Carrie was based.It became a virtual ghost town after the disaster

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    Default Re: Question about a town Dolores mentions or no, I always took it to mean The Lot...

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