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Thread: Copyright question

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    Just the throw in a wobbly (but not a big one). Recently in the U.K. the courts held copyright to exist in headlines. That might not mean anything for the U.S. or Australia (me!) but thought I'd just mention it. I think it is ridiculous myself. The argument here in Aus is that the creation must have involved 'effort' in its creation. How much effort is put into a headline or a title .... well, given that I write and can spend a day or a week (or more) on a title, I'd say that they can take a lot of effort. But copyright? Seems inappropriate to me. Hopefully such a decision will never be made anywhere else other than the U.K... Re: pictures - every country has different restrictions on copyright ownership and the date they are taken (and the content!) can mean they are open or closed in that sense.

    It's actually quite amusing and frightening that in Australia The Scream by Edvard Munch can be reproduced without any fear of prosecution but in some other countries it is still copyright. I believe that similar situations occur with works from the U.S. There are global agreements but no global agreement!

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    Me too!

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    You can use the same tittle twice in America. Example: Samuel Smiths The Stand

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