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Thread: Parallel Desperation

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    Lightbulb Parallel Desperation

    Okay, so I've been getting into old-core Horror again because in the current day and age i think that most horrors have become lame and silly.

    So, I've been watching Tales From The Crypt and some 80s horror films and plenty of Stephen King movies on YouTube.

    I just watched s03e03 tftc and although i haven't watched Desperation again yet, it immediately reminded me of Desperation and in s03e04 theres also a guy who kind of looks like the King himself. As i havent read and have no source for the comic books I cant take that into account. They were both released in 1996 so its probably some sort of cultural coincidence that only someone who connects dots in the most bizarre of places could notice, but i find it extremely interesting that you can find these kinds of parallels even outside of the King franchise.

    Basically, the story starts with a motorbike cop who is overly eager to apprehend a man, however its the man who ends up falling apart and getting eaten by the vultures. One second he seems alive, the next he is only a dead corpse.

    Other than that, the two are totally different and separate,
    but i find its things like this that make entertainment more fun and intellectually challenging. I hope that in the future students will have to come to recognize that beyond Shakespeare there are still artists who can intrigue you across the board.

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    Default Re: Parallel Desperation

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    Default Re: Parallel Desperation

    As a friend of mine who saw this post pointed out, the episode you are referring to actually came out in 1991. Check it out:

    So it's entirely possible that Mr. King might have been inspired by the episode, or perhaps even by the comic the story originally appeared in:

    Either way, Desperation is a good, horrific character piece, so even if he did crib the idea of a crazed cop in the desert, he did such original things with it from that point that it certainly ends up being its own thing.

    Speaking of Tales from the Crypt, I've never seen that series; I really need to get around to that one of these days!

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    Default Re: Parallel Desperation

    I'm 80 or so pages into Desperation and I'm feeling uneasy, a little disconcerted, and, well, scared! What a truly horrifying setup! If I never read another page of this one (which I will) I don't think I'll ever set tire on Route 50 in Nevada ("the loneliest road in America")! Creepy! Well, I'm off to read what happens next. Wish me luck! God, I love you Steve!


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