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Thread: Unedited DVD

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    I loved this series when it first aired. Even though it was canned after the first season, I still think the existing episodes are good for what they are. Intriguing premise, solid performances, engaging almost don't even mind that it's going nowhere. However, what bothers me more than the unresolved cliffhanger is the fact that it's NEVER had a decent home release. All the VHS and DVD editions (except apparently for the laser disc and a DVD in the Netherlands) cut out half the material. Again, I loved this show, but it's hard to care about a one-season, never-finished TV show when all you're watching is every third scene.

    When it was announced that it was being re-released on DVD, I thought we might finally be getting a decent edition. No such luck.

    Here's a question for Ms. Mod: have you guys ever considered releasing out-of-print stuff like 'Golden Years' directly through the website? David Lynch did this. He launched a webstore, and for the first time his fans were able to get ahold of Eraserhead on DVD. Would anyone else buy an uncut Golden Years if you could buy it directly from here?

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    It's all about the distribution rights. Stephen does not own those so we are out of that loop.

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    Default Re: Unedited DVD

    It's all about the distribution rights.
    ..."Are we to late for the unedited DVD unveiling???"


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