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kingricefan - I like the way you think! I hope that Propmaster will be able to post here without Ms. Mod having to approve! It is the long weekend and he is at (are you ready for this?) 10 posts - I think all he needs is one more, but correct me if I am wrong. Anyway it is always good to have a returning member who has been sort of sitting there dormant. (Hey - better than being a 'doormat') lololol

Did you ever see the movie "Maximum Overdrive"? (I think it was based on one of Stephen King's short stories) - Cheers and I hope your weekend is going well so far
Oh, hon, I was at the theater the day it was released (and there's a not-so-shining review of mine published in Castle Rock The Stephen King Newsletter to prove it!). *Honey, this thing just called me an assh*le!* I have it on dvd and have re-watched it just a couple of weeks ago. Yeardley Smith (Voice of Lisa Simpson) cracks me up! She is so funny in her delivery of her lines in this! I like it better now than when it was first released, guess my standards have changed since then......