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where is season 7 & 8

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Thread: where is season 7 & 8

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    Default where is season 7 & 8

    i was just wondering if there is going to be a season 7 on the dead zone...just cant belive that it ended with

    jj having a vision....i love the show and was finally able to see the last 2 season on netflix...are johnny and sarah going to get together again...
    id love to see what would happen next...
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    Default Re: where is season 7 & 8

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    from Wiki... The Dead Zone was expected to be renewed for a seventh season, however due to low ratings and high production cost the series was canceled in December 2007, without a proper series finale.

    I hate it when that happens and it happens way too often I've been dvr'ing a series on the sci-fi channel without watching it cause if it's cancelled without an ending, I'm not going to watch it. I've been watching Haven and UTD. If they're cancelled without a proper ending, I will be soooooooo totally pissed.

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    Tom Skerritt made a special appearance in the last episode... they wanted Stephen King but he was busy writing at the time, as no doubt per the usual, keeps him busy and aren't we lucky...

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    It must be incredibly difficult trying to write for a tv show when you have no idea when the show is going to end.

    The pay cable channels are pretty good about giving everything a proper ending but the networks are brutal about pulling the plug. Many of the cable shows decide ahead of time that it's going to be x amount of episodes and that works very well. I like what is happening with these original netflix shows like "House Of Cards" and "Hemlock Grove". Netflix puts all the episodes for a season up at the same time so you can watch episodes 1-15 as fast or slow as you like.


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