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Thread: October Horror Movie Marathon 2013

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    Default Re: October Horror Movie Marathon 2013

    31. Citadel (FTV)
    A widowed father with agoraphobia is haunted by visions of his wife's killers, who may be more than what they seem. Better-than-decent entry to the "hoodie horror" genre, so if you liked "Them/Ils", "Eden Lake", or even "Attack the Block", you'll enjoy this one. This one starts as a seeming examination of fear itself, as we're not sure if the protagonist is imagining his fears or if they really exist--not an original theme, but the main actor's performance sells it quite convincingly. Things pick up speed he teams up with a foul-mouthed priest and a blind boy with special powers. This movie is sort of a combination of "Candyman's" urban blight and "Repulsion's" claustrophobic paranoia and is very effective overall. The main source of menace comes from hooded jawa-like beings reminiscent of "Phantasm", but the bleak settings of the decaying projects contribute most to the depressingly bleak and creepy atmosphere. A nice little find! 4 out of 5 stars.

    Bob's October 2013 Horror Movie List
    FTV denotes first time viewing
    1. Some Guy Who Kills People (FTV)
    2. Uzumaki (FTV)
    3. The Pact (2011) (FTV)
    4. Midnight Son (FTV)
    5. Excision (FTV)
    6. Absentia (FTV)
    7. Sleep Tight (FTV)
    8. Lunacy (FTV)
    9. Frankenstein's Army (FTV)
    10. The Woman in Black (FTV)
    11. Color Me Blood Red (FTV)
    12. Chained (FTV)
    13. Frankenweenie
    14. Mum and Dad (FTV)
    15. Malevolence (FTV)
    16. V/H/S/2 (FTV)
    17. Juan of the Dead (FTV)
    18. The Awakening (FTV)
    19. Blood and Black Lace (FTV)
    20. Naboer (Next Door) (FTV)
    21. Carrie (2013) (FTV)
    22. Eye of the Devil (FTV)
    23. Splinter (FTV)
    24. The Shining (1980)
    25. Taxidermia (FTV)
    26. Poltergeist
    27. Maniac (FTV)
    28. Hotel Transylvania (FTV)
    29. Eden Lake (FTV)
    30. The Tunnel (FTV)
    31. Citadel (FTV)

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    Default Re: October Horror Movie Marathon 2013

    30. オーディション

    She always gets a part

    1. The Evil Dead
    2. Evil Dead II
    3. Army of Darkness
    4. Evil Dead (2013)
    5. Drag Me to Hell
    6. Pet Sematary
    7. Night of the Lepus
    8. Rosemary's Baby
    9. The Final Terror
    10. The Descent
    11. Cube
    12. Poltergeist
    13. Kingdom Hospital
    14. The Haunting
    15. Dead Alive
    16. May
    17. Suspiria
    18. Creepshow
    19. Cujo
    20. Carrie (2013)
    21. Rose Red
    22. Bubba Ho-Tep
    Død Snø
    24. Zombie Nightmare
    25. Werewolf
    26. Halloween
    27. Hellraiser
    28. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
    29. Haute Tension

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    Default Re: October Horror Movie Marathon 2013

    Look at the waist on that broad.

    Quote Originally Posted by Autumn Gust View Post
    Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959). This is THE quintessential cheesy horror film, IMO, and I know you all are familiar with it. It's always fun to revisit it every five years or so.

    "You've been here before, but things are about to change. I know it. I feel it. There's a storm on the way." -- Stephen King

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    Default Re: October Horror Movie Marathon 2013

    30. Village of the Damned -- 1995 -- starring Christopher Reeve. Kirstie Alley, Linda Kozlowski, Mark Hamill

    The women in a small town all get pregnant on the same night after a black out. Yes, alien children. I thought this was really boring. The kids just walked around in matching Catholic school outfits with albino hair and eyes that glowed when they did something bad. They loved showing the marching line of children over and over again.

    I should have watched A Bell From Hell.
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    "You've been here before, but things are about to change. I know it. I feel it. There's a storm on the way." -- Stephen King

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    Default Re: October Horror Movie Marathon 2013

    32) SK's Silver Bullet(1985)- a great movie, this is one of my favorites. I still need to read the book.

    31) The Haunting in Connecticut(2009) - After a family is forced to relocate for their son's health, they begin experiencing supernatural behavior in their new home, which turns out to be a former mortuary. ~ first time watching this one, I liked it. It was creepy and made me jump a few times. The ending was a little emotional, made me cry a little....all in all, not a bad movie. Fearness Factor: 8.5 Suspense Factor: 10

    30) The Haunting
    29) The Pit and The Pendulum
    28) Ghostbusters
    27) The Mummy
    26) Alien
    25) Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
    24) Halloween III: Season of the Witch
    23) Scrooge
    22) Maximum Overdrive
    21) Apt Pupil
    20) Primal
    19) Halloween II
    18) Graveyard Shift
    17) The Rite
    16) Dawn of the Dead
    15) Copycat
    14) Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh
    13) Salem's Lot
    12) The Lady Vanishes
    11) Storm of The Century
    10) The Shining
    9) Christine
    8) Tales of Terror
    7) The Fog
    6) The Exorcist
    5) Land of the Dead
    4) Halloween
    3) Dark Water
    2) The Village
    1) Claustofobia

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    Default Re: October Horror Movie Marathon 2013

    Tomorrow, I'm hoping to watch numerous shows for Halloween up into the evening while trick-or-treaters come by (if I get any.)

    But, it is my sincere hope that a movie I placed on hold at the library will come in to be my movie 31.

    The Hand starring Michael Caine. This movie apparently was trashed when it came out, but I love it. I love Michael Caine. I think he is just about the best actor out there and he gives his all for this movie. I guess he made it because he needed the money because he was adding on a garage to his house! hahaha! Directed by Oliver Stone, it's great.

    Send my library some vibes they get this in for me!
    "You've been here before, but things are about to change. I know it. I feel it. There's a storm on the way." -- Stephen King

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    Default Re: October Horror Movie Marathon 2013

    1. The Shining SK version
    3. Salems Lot Rob Lowe
    4. The Green Mile
    5. Children of the Corn
    6. Children of the Corn 11 The final Sacrifice
    7. Children of the Corn 111 Urban Harvest
    8. Children of the Corn 1V The Gathering
    9. Children of the corn V Fields of Terror
    10. Children of the Corn 666 Isaacs Return
    11. Children of the Corn Vll Revalation
    12. Millennium Edition Night of the Living Dead
    13. Maxium Overdrive
    14. Dolans Cadillac
    15. Kingdom Hospital. Disc 1
    Thy Kingdom Come
    Deaths Kingdom
    Good bye Kiss
    16. Kingdom Hospital Disc 2
    West side of Midnight
    Hooks kingdom
    The Young and The Headless
    Black noise
    17 The Ghostbrothers of Darkland county Not sure this counts as its not a movie. But a musical play.Live of course
    18. kingdom hospital Disc 3
    On the third day
    Seizure Day
    19. Kingdom Hospital Disc4
    Shoulda' stood In Bed
    20. Bringing out the dead First time watch A paramedics job stress causes him to see phantoms from those whom in his past he could not save.He tries to live a normal life,falling in love with agirl whos father is a heart attack victim,he cares for a homeless man. Scary thought but yet funny weird type movie.Stars Nicholas Cage and John Goodman
    21. Stand by me
    22. Christine
    23.Lawnmower Man
    24. Sometimes they come back
    25. Sometimes they come back again
    26. Storm of the Century
    27. Sleepwalkers
    28. Langoliers
    29. Dolores Claiborne
    30. Desperation
    31. The Mangler
    32. Misery
    33. Golden Years

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    Default Re: October Horror Movie Marathon 2013

    31. In the Mouth of Madness. I do not know why there are so many good reviews... I think I just did not understand the movie. I did not find that interesting at all. Didn't like it.

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