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Thread: Filmed in my Jr.High School

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    Default Filmed in my Jr.High School

    This movie was filmed at what was my Jr.High School so it always had a sweet spot for me. The bathroom that they are smoking in is in the older part of the school next to what we called to "commons" where people would hang out between the lengthy few minuets we had between classes. It's funny because when I was in Jr.High (that would have been 2004) nobody ever used these bathrooms and I am not exactly sure why. I am assuming because they were just old/out dated and the others around the building we our school colors and didnt seem haunted. Anyway, I used the facilities and would like to think that the bathroom was haunted The outside still resembles that of the movie but they have made some additions that take away from the rustic look it use to have. Nothing to exciting to add just figured this movie deserved a post you guys and I was in a good position to add. I did see a girl in the stall once and I think she was dead....

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    Default Re: Filmed in my Jr.High School

    I did see a girl in the stall once and I think she was dead....

    .....were ya in the wrong restroom?....


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