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Thread: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

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    Talking The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

    The last Stephen king book I read was Misery when I was in my twenties. I loved it so much, and read it in 2 days. But once I had my son I stayed away from scary books and read a lot of comedy and romance instead.But I had a trip to Waterstones the book shop in town today and a really nice sales assistant who could see I didn't really know what I wanted lead me over to his passion in books, Stephen King.
    I am soooooo grateful that he did because I have just read a fabulous heart warming, very funny and at times heart breaking book. I was hooked from the first couple of pages and my mothering instinct kicked in immediately. I was with Trisha ever step of her gut wrenching journey. I fell in love with her completely. Her sense of humour and quick wit had me laughing out loud.
    I'm Scottish so I don't know much about baseball. I have been to New York and took in Yankee's game, lol But her love of the game and obviously of Tom Gordon made the story so real. I had to blink a couple of times to bring myself back to reality.
    Thank so much Stephen, just a wonderful story!

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    Default Re: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon wife loved her too...


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