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Thread: Re Imagining of Christine

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    Dear Mr. King; 17 Oct 2013

    I just finished reading your novel Christine. As a fan of your work for a long time, I was not impressed with the movie Christine. It felt like to me that only half the book was used. It gave the movie a different feel than the book. The movie was about a possessed car while the book was about possession.

    I was hoping to get your permission to write a screen play about what I feel Christine should be. I would keep as much of your source material as I can. My idea is to start at the end of the book with the final scene at Darnell's garage go through the funerals, then go to the beginning of the book and go from there.

    I hope that you will give me the OK to start on this project.

    Very Respectfully;

    Aaron Conrad

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    Default Re: Re Imagining of Christine

    It's not something Stephen would be able to do as he no longer owns the film rights. I'm sorry but I don't know who currently owns the rights.

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    ...the '58 Sport Fury bought her own rights through a shell(get it?, Shell har, har)corporation in the Caymans....


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