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The trial

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Thread: The trial

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    Question The trial

    I would like to ask you guys if you think that the description of Coffey's trial could be an interesting part of the book? Cause apart from mention that he was unquestionably convicted, the motif is not developed that much. Maybe it's not necessary but in my opinion it might be quite absorbing. And could be another example of the injustice for black people at that time, no?

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    I think Coffey was railroaded at his trial. It was short and (not-so-) sweet. Another example of justice wrongly served. If King had included that segment into the novel, it would've been an ugly sideline to the story.

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    ...the racial inequity was clearly spelled out, and also an undercurrent...not saying the trial wouldn't have been intertesting-but it would have taken away from the thrust of the serial cliffhanger...

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    I think the trial would have been an unnecessary sideline from the real purpose of the story.


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