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Thread: Healthcare Website

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    Default Healthcare Website

    I'm sure you have heard of the problems with the site getting up and running. A problem with lines of code. Here is an interesting graphic for your perusal............


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    Click image for larger version. 

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    President Obama is in Boston for the day;
    Plans to make another speech about the ACA.
    Normally we'd want to hear what he has got to say...
    Right now though, our only care is how the Red Sox play.

    We've already got our health insurance - have for years.
    We know that the systems works despite the current fears.
    We can see the President is sweating blood and tears
    Trying to explain the reason gum got in the gears.

    I should send him prayers to help him with his current plight;
    Thank the Lord Obama didn't cave in to the Right.
    He could surely use the prayers to help him win his fight,
    But I'm busy praying for a Red Sox win tonight.

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    Default Re: Healthcare Website

    It's all good here in The Mighty BlueGrass.
    Hey they pulled it off somehow, even though, according to statistics, Kentucky's supposed to keep quite the reserve of the nations idjits, go figure..GO IDJITS!!!

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    Default Re: Healthcare Website


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