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Thread: The Dark Tower Ending - I HATED IT! **SPOILERS**

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    Default Re: The Dark Tower Ending - I HATED IT! **SPOILERS**

    The sub-titles of each books may be a clue. The journey begins with Resumption, and ends in the same manner.

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    Default Re: The Dark Tower Ending - I HATED IT! **SPOILERS**

    Ka is a wheel.

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    Default re: the dark tower ending - i hated it! **spoilers**

    I believe that Roland was being punished for his selfishness and single tracked mind, all he ever wanted was to climb the dark tower and cared not for anything or anyone else, so he is on an ever repeating journey until he learns the error of his ways, the horn could solve all his problems on the next trip round or just provide some bg music to the start of his next rotation, who knows, if he wanted to he could have settled down in the callas with his brief love after ending the breakers work, he didnít HAVE to go to the tower, it is his own punishment and he is walking towards it by himself every time, no one even has to push.

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    Default Re: The Dark Tower Ending - I HATED IT! **SPOILERS**

    It ended how it was supposed to end. In many ways, a story tells intself. I was alittle dissapointed with it too, at first, but I've come to understand it. In my understanding, there is something that Roland needs to do differently to change what happens to him when he gets to the top of the tower.

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    Lightbulb re: the dark tower ending - i hated it! **spoilers**

    There's something we should consider. I've read a ton of posts by King fans complaining about the ending of the DT series. I admit I was extremely disappointed as well having read these books over the course of about half my life. I agree that books 1-4 were the best and there was little in the 7th book that lived up to the dramatic build-up of everything that came before. However, something occurred to me while reflecting on the ending, some of King's reported comments, and on other "recent" legs this story has sprung (or are yet to come)...

    The world of the Dark Tower is basically a/the world of fiction parallel to our own, is it not? King has completed his series of novels, but has even said himself that he would like to "retell" the tale (be it through the graphic novels, future movies, or whatever). Well, we know for a fact that Roland's journey is not complete because he is thrown back to the beginning of the tale as he has been many times before, but this time (and most likely every time) something is different. If Roland is destined to repeat his journey until he gets it right, then perhaps King's conclusion of the DT novels is his own way of providing a mechanism that gives himself permission to retell the tale in a slightly different way. Remember, when Roland lands back in the desert something IS different. He has the Horn of Gilead. This is evidence that another tale is yet to be told that IS different than the one that came before it.

    I've started collecting the graphic novels and will continue to follow the news about the story's expansion into other media with much anticipation. Purists are always upset by stories retold or re-envisioned because they are not always true to what came before. Well the next time around, the story SHOULD be different and we should be disappointed if it's NOT. I could be just holding onto a pipe dream of a grand conclusion to one of the most fantastic tales I've ever experienced. We could be sorely disappointed once again. If we are, however, then a great opportunity would have been missed. Are you willing to give the wheel another spin to see what happens? I know I am.

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    Default re: the dark tower ending - i hated it! **spoilers**

    I have now been through the process of reading these threads, twice. At the end of reading this series, I have come here to see what people think about this ending both times.

    Yes, I have read this entire series twice, and not far apart, maybe within the span of 3 years.

    Some out there would consider this rediculous, based upon the sheer size of this collection of novels, and I agree.

    However, the second reading was as enjoyable as the first, and knowing the ending while reading the series for a second time is truly eye opening.

    You start to see the subtle realizations througout the book that Roland knows that he is doomed to repeat his actions, and based upon these inklings, you begin to see things differently.

    Now certainly, the book does not change, the words on the page remain the same, but the reading of these words is truly different. You start to see Roland change the way he approaches his tet and his emotions. He goes from being a coldhearted killer to start with to being a man full of emotions, just blind and cold to them due to the repeated loss he has experienced through his repeated quest for the tower.He does not completely forget his previous journey, it just hidden within his subconscious.

    Throughout the entire series, Roland answers questions correctly, with no other backup that simply knowing that it is true because he has been down this road before you ever though to open up the first page. He even knows that he will let Jake die, chapters before he actually lets it happen. This is not due to a prophetic mind or a telepathic capability, it is due to the fact that he has let his friends die repeatedly for his quest, and he knows it will never change.

    I do not want to belabor this post and make it into a college essay so I will conclude with this.

    The ending of this tale is exactly what the tale has been from the beginning. SK did not rob you of your ending, if you feel this way you should never claim to have enjoyed any of these books. The journey that Roland and his tet take you on fills you with hope, happiness, sadness. It is filled with tales of friends gained, and friends lossed. SK tells you beforehand that the enjoyment is in the journey not in the end, and is it not. Is not life meant to be lived for the experience of it? To want to simply have an end, is to want death, for in the end isn't that what the journey of life concludes to? By ending the book in the way he had, SK allows life to continue, the tower allows life to continue. Roland's entire quest is based on the continuance of life for all worlds throughout all times and universes. If his quest ends, then what of life? Of course Roland is doomed to repeat this quest because it is a quest we all must complete. Some of ours will be shorter than others, and some will be long, but none of our journeys will end the way it began.

    Stephen King clealy states that all of his writing was to prepare for this, and at that I take his word at face value. I undertand that he has not stopped writing, nor has he even stopped writing about this tale, but his writing will never again influence the outcome of this tale. This is the end that Roland has, and will always have, for once his journey ends, so ends the journey of out talespinner SK.

    And for that I thank the Wordslinger.

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    Default Re: The Dark Tower Ending - I HATED IT! **SPOILERS**

    Perfect ending. It's definitely missing the point to say 'I loved the journey through these 7 or 8 novels but the ending meant the whole thing was a waste of time'. It's like complaining that you didn't get a celebratory handheld sparkler to wave around after taking a trip to the moon on a rocket ship. I think the threads and resets of 11.22.63 go some way towards a veiled explanation of the reason Roland's quest ended the way it did. The only way to close the epic saga of the Dark Tower stories is to leave the reader secure in the knowledge there will always be more stories, and all stories are equal. I find that the Tower is a metaphor for fiction, the structure of story itself and the mysterious quest is a projection of an author's desire to write at any cost and the desperate lengths they go to in order to pursue their goal of mastering the art. Steve was writing for the sake of it here and that's why the metafiction aspect really rocks. The link between the two 'Slingers is clear; the stories always start at that same place, a waystation in the desert, or the mind, and the elusive stranger, or plot, is always one step ahead. However I don't believe our guy is doomed to retrace the seven steps of the series each time he completes and embarks on the trek anew. Every single Stephen King novel and each day of our lives would be identical to all the other dawns and dusks if that were the case. If the Tower is King's projection of fiction, and thus through his character, life, and each time through the last door is the final page, it suggests to me that the meaning of life is life itself...vice versa for the story.

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    Default re: the dark tower ending - i hated it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bilibramboy View Post
    Well, sorry l can not read all the post but l would like to give my opinion too, as l did before the first thing is apologize my english level... lm a selflearning one.

    I didn't like it either, l hate it too... why?

    A lot of reasons.
    First l must say how bad I feel about his hit accident when it happened, but, l am the only one that think SK is writting different since then?

    I love the Dark Tower series but l prefer the pre-accident ones.
    But the last one...
    Why SK himself does appear in the book? why is he talking about his accident again? why did l feel like all magic dissapear when Roland speak with Stephen King?
    Why the bad guy is out with that weak end, after chasing him during all SK novels?
    Why kill the guys, and recover them, and kill them again, to show them alive again in last pages?[spoiler]
    I would prefer a no end, not a forced one.
    I would love express myself better, is dificult for me in english, but l think you are going to get the meaning.
    Anyway, l still love all stephen king's works, l adore the comics of DT, but... this seventh book will be always a knife in my heart.

    I completely agree with what you said about the magic disappearing when Roland spoke with Stephen King. The ending of the series I could handle, but Stephen King being IN the story himself ruined a lot of it for me. I remember the first time reading song of susannah I was so angry...I put down the book cried and vowed to never read a Stephen King story again, or finish the dark tower series at all (I was soooo mad!) but then after weeks passed I thought...if I'm this mad about this story Mr. King has done his job. He made me mad. He made me feel. So I started from the beginning again and finished all 7 books. Then ending to #7 blew my mind. I loved it and couldn't believe it at the same time. Maybe you should try to read the whole thing again and see how it makes you feel once you already know what's coming

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    Default Re: The Dark Tower Ending - I HATED IT! **SPOILERS**

    Love it or hate it, it is the right ending...

    It's all about the journey...

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    Default Re: The Dark Tower Ending - I HATED IT! **SPOILERS**

    I read the Gunslinger when it was first published, then read none of the rest of the series because I did not like the first book. On and off through the years, I would continue to read other SK books as time permitted. After reading 11 22 63, I found this board in late April. After reading many Tower posts, decided I had been premature on judging the series, and gave it a try, starting back with the Gunslinger. I just finished the Dark Tower last night. As with good SK books, like the Stand, I had a hard time putting the book down and letting go of the characters, that somehow seem to become friends. Having read enough SK books,

    I did NOT expect "rainbows and gumdrops" at the end. The books had plenty of forshadowing that Roland made his own choices and would live with his choices, as we all have to do.

    I prefer look back on these books I read this summer and think about the things that I am thankful for:

    1. I learned a new language and some new expressions I'll never forget, dad-a-chum!
    2. Having lived through desperate situations in earlier parts of my life, I appreciate SK's letting me relive the emotional bonding and close connections of the Ka-tet, without the personal danger.
    3. That Susannah found Eddie and Jake again.
    4. That Roland made it to the Tower.
    5. That Good conquered Evil, once again.
    6. And although I do not know much about Gann or Beams or the Tower, God is good.
    7. I was reminded, if I ever forgot; life is a journey, make the most out of it; help those God brings into your circle of influence. When we look back, what will mean the most to you, possesions or relationships?

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