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Thread: Giving Thanks

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    Default Giving Thanks

    It's just about Thanksgiving again here in the USA, which generally means that we get together with family and/or friends, eat way too much, watch some football, and (for some) participate in the madness the following day when a bunch of stuff that we don't really need goes on sale and people trample each other to get the best deals.

    But really, Thanksgiving is a harvest feast, and a time to reflect on what we do have, and to be thankful for it. So what's on your list this year?

    In spite of having had, in some ways, a tough year, I have a lot to give thanks for.

    Family and friends top the list, as ever - I lost a number of both this past year, and am very aware of and grateful for the presence of those who remain. (This, of course, includes my dogs, who are both family and the best of friends...) I am really happy that I was able to afford to fly my mom out to Seattle for a fabulous week of fun and connection. We had a great time, and it had been far too long since we had any time alone together.

    I'm also thankful that I have an amazing job that I love, and that I have managed to stay safe out there...while I'm on that subject, I am thankful for the Coast Guard, who always has our backs. I'll be working on crab boats this winter, and I'm very glad that the Coasties are out there!

    And I've been clean for over a year now - something I did not even think possible for a very long time. That isn't always easy - even still - but life has improved more than I can say as a result.

    On balance, life has been good over the past year.

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    Default Re: Giving Thanks

    Iam thankful for my friends and family. Really thankful for SKMB. Ms. mod esspecially as dealing with all of us and our opinions. Great job she does. And thankful most of all to be alive and live each day.

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    Default Re: Giving Thanks

    I'm not an American, but I'll give thanks for the cops in my town who have helped me on duty and shown caring when not even working. For being told to keep on calling them when there are problems and that they will try to help me. For the shy one who hides his face when I catch him watching me. For the brave ones who will stand there and grin at me like five year old boys. I get to see their humanity as well as the uniform they all wear. Good men and women. I'm thankful for them.

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    Default Re: Giving Thanks

    A pathetically incomplete list in no particular order:

    1. You guys.
    2. My SIL's breast cancer pathology reports are not yet complete, BUT signs have been hopeful.
    3. My husband and I are both employed. He likes his job. (Not his manager, but hey, you can't have everything.)
    4. My husband in general.
    5. My family, all of them.
    6. After 18 years of contented if grumpy life, my oldest cat, Ace, had a good, pain-free last day, involving fast food chicken (his favorite thing ever), a lot of petting, and a peaceful death administered by a very kind vet.
    7. Our 18-year-old niece will be coming to live with us soon to attend school and begin her adult life. Hooray for a kid who isn't determined to goof off at home for as long as possible!!
    8. My FIL survived a nasty bout with MRSA.
    9. My husband found a traditional acupuncturist that has done amazing things so far (he's only had one visit).
    10. A good friend who'd been out of work for a while and was pretty close to losing her house found a job in the nick of time.
    11. My niece (the daughter of my SIL with breast cancer) got married to a great guy ... and her mom was able to attend!
    12. I have slowly but surely, over the past 11 months, lost 40 pounds WOOT.
    13. Even though I balked at buying such a big house a few years ago, we have been able to host our families for great visits and even help them through some tough times. That's an amazing feeling.
    14. I FINALLY found a cute pair of heels that I can walk in, that go with everything, and that don't make my legs look hideous. (I have Master Cankles.)
    15. Concerta. I LOVE YOU CONCERTA.

    There's more. Way more. This was just off the top of my head.

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    Default Re: Giving Thanks

    I am thankful for:
    the rain that is falling today
    the SKMB ka-tet ('shout out' to Marsha!! WOOT!!)
    that I woke up this morning
    that my family is doing pretty well
    that I have a job
    for all of SK's works- past, present and future
    that I am capable of love
    that I am capable of being loved
    that I have a roof over my head
    for my health
    that I am close to most of my family and that they accept all of my imperfections
    that I am closer to living in peace without so much inner turmoil from the past
    that no nuclear bombs have been dropped in the Middle East
    for the unconditional love of my cats

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    Default Re: Giving Thanks

    I am thankful for :
    my family
    we have a place to live and enough to eat
    the SKMB (thank you all)
    life itself
    and my friends, a couple of which I met here and have become very important to me. (You know who you are)
    There are some other things, but those are the most important.

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    Default Re: Giving Thanks

    No list . . .I'm just thankful. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season. Don't forget the reason for the season . . . however you celebrate just do it with your whole heart.

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    Default Re: Giving Thanks

    ...the love of my life-without her, I am a big fat nothin', my kids and grandchild, I'm blessed to still have my parents, I'm thankful to still be nursing(no you nim-wits, NOT breastfeeding-the avocation!)and being a radio announcer some 3 and a half decades later, you all know-I would be lost without my family here and one last thing...cookies, glorious cookies!!!!.....

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    Default Re: Giving Thanks

    I am thankful that my mother gave me life.
    I am thankful for all my many blessings given to me by Our Father.
    I am thankful for this place. Thank you, Mr. King and Ms. Mod, for bringing this forum forward for us.
    I pray for blessings on us all.

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    Default Re: Giving Thanks

    The alphabet, too cool...and way kewl!!!
    Yeah yeah yeah, and you guys...sheeeesh, now don't gettin' me all warm and fuzzy, nobody wants nor needs that, particularly, me.

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