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Thread: Creating Author Awareness

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    Default Creating Author Awareness

    Hello all,

    I am new to this forum, but was looking for advice on ways to create awareness for my brother's new book. It is his first work and he just got it published yesterday. Stephen King is by far the greatest inspiration to his writing career and it shows with his first book. Considering how big a contribution Mr. King has had on his writing style, I figured fans that share a similar interest would be a good place to start looking for advice.

    I do not know if I am allowed to provided a link to his book, so I will not do so at this time, but I do hope that you all take a moment to look it up. It is a great story, and has the same gripping characters you find in many of Stephen's books that keep you glued to the pages.

    I hope you all find an interest in his work and look forward to any and all advice. Thanks!


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    Default Re: Creating Author Awareness

    and it shows with his first book.
    ...entitled "Salems Big Lots"....(seriously chief, besta luck to him)....

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    Default Re: Creating Author Awareness

    Sorry, but links and specific references put in primarily to self-promote work aren't allowed. Otherwise, we'd be inundated with posts from people trying to get attention for their work by using the popularity of Steve's site as a marketing tool for their own (or someone's they know) work.

    I wish you the best of luck to your brother and hope his book is a success!

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    Default Re: Creating Author Awareness

    Congrats on the publication! I'd suggest looking around the web, creating a website, Facebook page, etc. Network, talk to booksellers, attend events, etc. It's going to take some hustling to be heard.


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