Movie/TV Appearances - Oldest to Newest:
Appeared In Type Role Date
Knightriders Movie Hoagie Man 1981
Creepshow (segment "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill") Movie Jordy Verrill 1982
Maximum Overdrive (uncredited) Movie Man At Cashpoint 1986
Creepshow 2 (segment "The Hitchhiker") Movie Truck Driver 1987
Pet Sematary Movie Minister 1989
Golden Years, The TV Series Bus Driver 1991
Sleepwalkers Movie Cemetery Caretaker 1992
Stand, The TV Mini-Series Teddy Weizak 1994
Langoliers, The TV Mini-Series Tom Holby 1995
Thinner Movie Dr. Bangor 1996
Shining, The TV Mini-Series Band Leader 1997
Storm of the Century (uncredited) TV Mini-Series Lawyer in Ad/Reporter on Broken TV 1999
Episode: Mary Christmas
TV Episode Brian 2000
Simpsons, The
Episode: Insane Clown Poppy
TV Episode Himself 2000
Rose Red (uncredited) TV Mini-Series Pizza Delivery Guy 2002
Kingdom Hospital
Episode: Finale
TV Episode Johnny B. Goode 2004
Fever Pitch (Throwing out the first pitch at a Red Sox game) Movie Himself 2005
Gotham Cafe Movie Mr. Ring 2005
Diary of the Dead (voice over) Movie Newsreader 2007
Sons of Anarchy
Episode: Caregiver
TV Episode Richard Bachman (The Cleaner) 2010
Under the Dome
Episode: Heads Will Roll
TV Episode Diner Patron 2014


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