Audiobooks - Z to A:
Title Reader Published
Wavedancer Benefit, The John Grisham, Peter Straub, Stephen King, & Pat Conroy 2002
UR Holter Graham February, 2010
Under The Dome Raul Esparza November, 2009
Tommyknockers, The Edward Hermann May, 2010
Thinner Joe Mantenga February, 2009
Talisman, The Frank Muller November, 2012
Sun Dog: Four Past Midnight, The Tim Sample September, 2008
Stationary Bike Ron McLarty 2006
Stand, The Grover Gardner February, 2012
Sorry, Right Number and Other Stories Ensemble September, 2009
Skeleton Crew: Selections Stephen King, Dana Ivey, Matthew Broderick, Frances Sternhagen June, 1994
Shining, The Campbell Scott 2005
Shawshank Redemption, The Frank Muller 1995
Secret Window, Secret Garden: Two Past Midnight James Woods September, 2008
Running Man, The Kevin Kenerly April, 2010
Rose Madder Blair Brown February, 2009
Roadwork G. Valmont Thomas April, 2010
Road Rage Stephen Lang February, 2009
Riding the Bullet Josh Hamilton Unknown
Revival David Morse November, 2014
Regulators, The Kate Nelligan February, 2009
Pet Sematary Ensemble Cast 2001
On Writing Stephen King October, 2000
Needful Things Stephen King September, 2008
Mr. Mercedes Will Patton June, 2014
Mist, The Ensemble Cast 2007
Misery Lindsay Crouse June, 1995
Mile 81 Thomas Sadoski January, 2012
Man in the Black Suit: Four Dark Tales, The John Cullum, Peter Gerety, Becky Ann Baker, and Arliss Howard 2002
LT's Theory of Pets Stephen King 2001
Long Walk, The Kirby Heyborne April, 2010
Lisey's Story Mare Winningham 2006
Library Policeman: Three Past Midnight, The Ken Howard September, 2008
Langoliers: One Past Midnight, The Willem Dafoe September, 2008
Just After Sunset Ensemble cast November, 2008
Joyland Michael Kelly 2013
It Grows on You and Other Stories Ensemble September, 2009
IT Steven Weber May, 2010
Insomnia Eli Wallach 2008
In the Tall Grass Stephen Lang 2012
House on Maple Street and Other Stories, The Tabitha King, Stephen King, Stephen J. Gould June, 2009
Hearts in Atlantis Stephen King and William Hurt 1999
Green Mile, The Frank Muller Unknown
Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, The Anne Heche April, 1999
Gingerbread Girl, The Mare Winningham 2008
Gerald's Game Lindsay Crouse September, 2008
Full Dark No Stars Jessica Hecht and Craig Wasson November, 2010
From A Buick 8 James Rebhorn, Bruce Davison, Becky Ann Baker, Peter Gerety, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Fred Sanders October, 2008
Firestarter Dennis Boutsikaris April, 2010
Faithful Adam Grupper and Ron McLarty 2004
Eyes of the Dragon, The Bronson Pinchot May, 2010
Everything's Eventual: 5 Dark Tales Ensenble Cast 2002
End of the Whole Mess and Other Stories, The Matthew Broderick, Tim Curry, Eve Beglarian, & Stephen King September, 2009
Dune, The Edward Herrmann January, 2012
Duma Key John Slattery 2008
Drunken Fireworks June, 2015
Dreamcatcher Jeffrey DeMunn Unknown
Dolores Claiborne Frances Sternhagen September, 2008
Dolan's Cadillac and Other Stories Rob Lowe, Whoopi Goldberg, Tim Curry, & Yeardly Smith February, 2009
Doctor Sleep Will Patton September, 2013
Desperation Kathy Bates February, 2009
Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla, The George Guidall & Stephen King 2003
Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass, The Frank Muller September, 2003
Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole, The Stephen King March, 2012
Dark Tower: The Waste Lands, The Frank Muller August, 2003
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, The George Guidall June, 2003
Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three, The Frank Muller July, 1991
Dark Tower, The George Guidall 2004
Dark Tower: Song of Susannah, The George Guidall 2004
Dark Half, The Grover Gardner May, 2010
Cujo Lorna Raver April, 2010
Colorado Kid, The Jeffrey DeMunn 2005
Christine Holter Graham May, 2010
Chattery Teeth and Other Stories Kathy Bates, Jerry Garcia, David Cronenberg, Lindsay Crouse June, 2009
Cell Campbell Scott January, 2006
Carrie Sissy Spacek 2005
Breathing Method, The Frank Muller 1999
Body, The Frank Muller 1999
Blood & Smoke Stephen King 2000
Blockade Billy Craig Wasson May, 2010
Blaze Ron McLarty 2007
Black House Frank Muller November, 2012
Big Driver Jessica Hecht October, 2014
Bag of Bones Stephen King 1998
Apt Pupil Frank Muller 1998
A Good Marriage Jessica Hecht September, 2014
A Face in the Crowd Craig Wasson August, 2012
'Salem's Lot Ron McLarty 2004
11/22/63 Craig Wasson November, 2011


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