Plant: Zenith Rising, The
  Plant: Zenith Rising, The
Formats: eBook / Limited Edition
First Edition Release Date: 2000


Things aren't going well for Zenith House, Publishers.  Their sales are failing and the company is about to go under when they are approached by Carlos Detweiller who has a book called True Tales of Demon Infestations he would like them to publish.   After having his book rejected, Carlos sends them a "gift"--an ivy plant which is taken in and cared for by Riddley Walker (the company's mail clerk who pretends to be less educated than he is).  The company experiences a sudden turnaround of fates but, as always, success doesn't come without a price.

Download The Plant, Parts 1-3 (Adobe PDF)

Download The Plant, Parts 4-6 (Adobe PDF)


This was published in six installments and distributed through Stephen's web site as an e-book on the honor system for payment.  The novel has not yet been completed.  If the inspiration does return, at some time in the future this project will be completed but the format for its publication may be different.


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