Written Works - Oldest to Newest:
Title Type First Published
Carrie Novel 1974
'Salem's Lot Novel 1975
Shining, The Novel 1976
Rage Bachman Novel 1976
I Know What You Need Short Story 1977
Jerusalem's Lot Short Story 1977
Night Surf Short Story 1977
I Am the Doorway Short Story 1977
Graveyard Shift Short Story 1977
Stand, The Novel 1977
Battleground Short Story 1977
Children of the Corn Short Story 1977
Quitter's Inc. Short Story 1977
Grey Matter Short Story 1977
Strawberry Spring Short Story 1977
Woman in the Room, The Short Story 1977
Mangler, The Short Story 1977
Trucks Short Story 1977
Night Shift Story Collection 1977
Tales of Unknown Horror Anthology 1977
Man Who Loved Flowers, The Short Story 1977
Ledge, The Short Story 1977
Boogeyman, The Short Story 1977
Cat from Hell, The Short Story 1977
Last Rung on the Ladder, The Short Story 1977
Lawnmower Man, The Short Story 1977
Sometimes They Come Back Short Story 1977
One for the Road Short Story 1977
More Tales of Unknown Horror Anthology 1978
Long Walk, The Bachman Novel 1978
Best Detective Stories of the Year Anthology 1978
Nightmares Anthology 1978
Night of the Tiger, The Short Story 1978
Suffer the Little Children Short Story 1978
Dead Zone, The Novel 1979
Crouch End Short Story 1979
Firestarter Limited Edition 1979
Dark Forces Anthology 1979
Mist, The Novella 1979
Tales of the Dead Anthology 1979
New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Anthology 1979
21st Pan Book of Horror Stories, The Anthology 1979
Firestarter Novel 1980
Shadows Anthology 1980
Roadwork Bachman Novel 1980
Monkey, The Short Story 1980
Crate, The Short Story 1980
Arbor House Treasury of Horror & the Supernatural Anthology 1980
Nona Short Story 1980
Year's Best Horror Stories - Series IX Anthology 1980
Danse Macabre Limited Edition 1980
Fantasy Annual IV Anthology 1980
Danse Macabre Nonfiction 1980
Fantasy Annual III Anthology 1981
Modern Masters of Horror Anthology 1981
Horrors Anthology 1981
Cujo Limited Edition 1981
Cujo Novel 1981
A Fantasy Reader: The Seventh World Fantasy Convention Book Anthology 1981
Arbor House Necropolis Anthology 1981
Running Man, The Bachman Novel 1981
It Grows on You Short Story 1981
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, The Limited Edition 1981
Survivor Type Short Story 1981
Death Anthology 1981
Do-It-Yourself Bestseller: A Workbook, The Anthology 1981
Arbor House Celebrity Book of Horror Stories Anthology 1981
Terrors Anthology 1981
Different Seasons Story Collection 1982
Apt Pupil Novella 1982
Body, The Novella 1982
Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption Novella 1982
Breathing Method, The Novella 1982
Plant [Installment One], The Limited Edition 1982
Plant [Installment Two], The Limited Edition 1982
Christine Limited Edition 1982
Cycle of the Werewolf Limited Edition 1982
Pet Sematary Novel 1982
Book of Lists #3, The Anthology 1983
Christine Novel 1983
Evil Image: Two Centuries of Gothic Short Fiction and Poetry, The Anthology 1983
An International Treasury of Mystery and Suspense Anthology 1983
Cults: An Anthology of Secret Societies, Sects and the Supernatural Anthology 1983
Blackboard Jungle, The Anthology 1983
Eyes of the Dragon, The Limited Edition 1983
Talisman, The Limited Edition 1983
Magicats Anthology 1983
Fear Itself Anthology 1984
On Becoming a Brand Name Essay 1984
Talisman, The Novel 1984
Thinner Bachman Novel 1984
Isaac Asimov's Magical World of Fantasy #4 Anthology 1984
Plant [Installment Three], The Limited Edition 1984
Skeleton Crew Limited Edition 1984
Cycle of the Werewolf Novel 1985
Skeleton Crew Story Collection 1985
Big Wheels: A Tale of the Laundry Game (Milkman #2) Short Story 1985
Jaunt, The Short Story 1985
Beachworld Short Story 1985
Cain Rose Up Short Story 1985
Gramma Short Story 1985
Morning Deliveries (Milkman #1) Short Story 1985
Ballad of the Flexible Bullet, The Short Story 1985
Here There Be Tygers Short Story 1985
Mrs. Todd's Shortcut Short Story 1985
Word Processor of the Gods Short Story 1985
Reaper's Image, The Short Story 1985
Wedding Gig, The Short Story 1985
Uncle Otto's Truck Short Story 1985
Paranoid: A Chant Poem 1985
Reach, The Short Story 1985
For Owen Poem 1985
Man Who Would Not Shake Hands, The Short Story 1985
Raft, The Short Story 1985
New Terrors Omnibus Anthology 1985
Bachman Books, The Bachman Novel 1985
Doctor's Case, The Short Story 1985
New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Anthology 1985
Strange Maine Anthology 1985
IT Novel 1986
Demons Anthology 1986
Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three, The Limited Edition 1986
Eyes of the Dragon, The Novel 1987
Masques II Anthology 1987
Misery Novel 1987
Popsy Short Story 1987
Dark Descent Anthology 1987
Tommyknockers, The Novel 1987
Night Visions 5 Anthology 1987
Nightmares in the Sky Nonfiction 1987
My Pretty Pony Limited Edition 1987
Prime Evil Anthology 1988
Night Flier, The Short Story 1988
Letters from Hell Limited Edition 1988
Book of the Dead, The Anthology 1988
Home Delivery Short Story 1988
Dolan's Cadillac Limited Edition 1988
My Pretty Pony (Trade Edition) Limited Edition 1989
Dark Half, The Novel 1989
Faces of Fear Interview 1989
Complete Masters of Darkness, The Anthology 1989
Stand: The Complete and Uncut Edition, The Limited Edition 1989
Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition, The Novel 1990
Four Past Midnight Story Collection 1990
Library Policeman, The Novella 1990
Sun Dog, The Novella 1990
Langoliers, The Novella 1990
Secret Window, Secret Garden Novella 1990
Best American Sports Writing, 1991 Anthology 1990
Head Down Essay 1990
You Know They Got a Hell of a Band Short Story 1990
Dark Tower: The Waste Lands, The Limited Edition 1990
Needful Things Novel 1990
I Shudder At Your Touch Anthology 1990
Shock Rock Anthology 1990
Revelations of 'Becka Paulson, The Short Story 1990
Color of Evil (Dark Descent), The Anthology 1990
Gerald's Game Novel 1991
Midnight Graffiti Anthology 1992
Rainy Season Short Story 1992
Dolores Claiborne Novel 1992
Nightmares & Dreamscapes Story Collection 1993
Sorry, Right Number Screenplay 1993
Umney's Last Case Short Story 1993
Brooklyn August Poem 1993
Ten O'Clock People, The Short Story 1993
Dedication Short Story 1993
My Pretty Pony Short Story 1993
End of the Whole Mess, The Short Story 1993
Sneakers Short Story 1993
House on Maple Street, The Short Story 1993
Fifth Quarter, The Short Story 1993
Moving Finger, The Short Story 1993
Chattery Teeth Short Story 1993
Dolan's Cadillac Short Story 1993
Mid-Life Confidential: The Rock Bottom Remainders Tour America With Three Chords and an Attitude Nonfiction 1993
Insomnia Novel 1993
Insomnia Limited Edition 1994
Antaeus No. 75/76 The Final Issue Anthology 1994
Blind Willie Novella 1994
Rose Madder Limited Edition 1994
Man in the Black Suit, The Short Story 1994
Rose Madder Novel 1994
Year's Best Fantasy & Horror Anthology 1994
Desperation Novel 1995
Regulators, The Limited Edition 1995
Regulators, The Bachman Novel 1995
Desperation Limited Edition 1995
Desperation/The Regulators (Box Set) Limited Edition 1995
Green Mile: The Two Dead Girls, The Novel 1996
Green Mile: The Mouse on the Mile, The Novel 1996
Green Mile: Coffey's Hands, The Novel 1996
Green Mile: The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix, The Novel 1996
Green Mile: Night Journey, The Novel 1996
Green Mile: Coffey on the Mile, The Novel 1996
Dark Love Anthology 1996
Lunch at the Gotham Cafe Short Story 1996
Six Stories Limited Edition 1996
Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass (I), The Limited Edition 1996
Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass (II), The Limited Edition 1996
Dark Thoughts on Writing Anthology 1996
Little Sisters of Eluria, The Short Story 1997
Legends Anthology 1997
Bag of Bones Novel 1998
Authors@aol series Interview 1998
Storm of the Century Screenplay 1999
New Lieutenant's Rap, The Limited Edition 1999
Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, The Novel 1999
Hearts in Atlantis Story Collection 1999
Low Men in Yellow Coats Novella 1999
Hearts in Atlantis Novella 1999
Why We're in Vietnam Novella 1999
Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling Novella 1999
Horror Fiction: from Danse Macabre Essay 1999
How IT Happened Essay 1999
On The Shining and Other Perpetrations Essay 1999
Special Makeup Effects and the Writer Essay 1999
Peter Straub: An Informal Appreciation Essay 1999
Most Overrated Rock Band Essay 1999
Introduction to Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door Essay 1999
Fenway and the Great White Whale Essay 1999
They're Creeping Up on You Short Story 1999
In the Tall Grass Short Story 1999
A New Introduction to John Fowles's The Collector Essay 1999
Ever Et Raw Meat? and Other Weird Questions Essay 1999
Foreword to Night Shift Essay 1999
Best Book You Can't Read, The Essay 1999
Great Hookers I Have Known Essay 1999
Weapon, The Essay 1999
Secret Windows: Essays and Fiction on the Craft of Writing Nonfiction 1999
Father's Day Short Story 1999
N Novella 1999
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft Nonfiction 1999
Before the Play Short Story 1999
Shadows 4 Anthology 1999
A Face in the Crowd Short Story 1999
Green Mile: The Complete Serial Novel, The Novel 1999
A Night at the Royal Festival Hall: Muriel Gray Interviews Stephen King Interview 1999
Banned Books and Other Concerns: The Virginia Beach Lecture Speech 1999
Tale of Gray Dick, The Short Story 1999
Ring, The Essay 1999
Horror Market Writer and the Ten Bears: A True Story, The Essay 1999
Turning the Thumbscrews on the Reader Essay 1999
Two Past Midnight: A Note on Secret Window, Secret Garden Essay 1999
An Evening with Stephen King Speech 1999
An Evening at the Billerica (Massachusetts) Library Speech 1999
What Stephen King Does for Love Essay 1999
Book-Banners: Adventure in Censorship is Stranger Than Fiction, The Essay 1999
What's Scary Essay 1999
Rush Call Short Story 1999
Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill, The Short Story 1999
A Very Tight Place Novella 1999
Glass Floor, The Short Story 1999
Old Dude's Ticker, The Short Story 1999
Something to Tide You Over Short Story 1999
Jumper Short Story 1999
Dreamcatcher Novel 2001
Black House Novel 2001
From a Buick 8 Limited Edition 2001
From A Buick 8 Novel 2001
Black House Limited Edition 2001
Stephen King Q&A Interview 2001
Everything's Eventual Story Collection 2002
Autopsy Room Four Short Story 2002
1408 Short Story 2002
L.T.'s Theory of Pets Short Story 2002
That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French Short Story 2002
Road Virus Heads North, The Short Story 2002
Death of Jack Hamilton, The Short Story 2002
All That You Love Will Be Carried Away Short Story 2002
Luckey Quarter Short Story 2002
Riding the Bullet Short Story 2002
In the Deathroom Short Story 2002
Everything's Eventual Short Story 2002
From the Borderlands Anthology 2002
Stationary Bike Short Story 2002
Borderlands 5 Anthology 2002
Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla, The Limited Edition 2002
McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales Anthology 2003
Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three, The Novel 2003
Dark Tower: The Waste Lands, The Novel 2003
Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass, The Novel 2003
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, The Novel 2003
Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla, The Novel 2003
Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, The Limited Edition 2003
A Conversation with Stephen King Interview 2003
Dark Tower: Song of Susannah, The Limited Edition 2003
Dark Tower, The Limited Edition 2003
Devil's Wine, The Anthology 2004
Harrison State Park '68 Poem 2004
In the Key-Chords of Dawn Poem 2004
Silence Poem 2004
Donovan's Brain Poem 2004
Dark Man, The Poem 2004
Hardcase Speaks, The Poem 2004
Dark Tower: Song of Susannah, The Novel 2004
Dark Tower, The Novel 2004
'Salem's Lot Limited Edition 2004
Thrilling, Chilling Tales of Alien Encounters Anthology 2004
Transgressions Anthology 2004
Garden of Reading, The Anthology 2004
Contemporary Maine Fiction Anthology 2004
Faithful Nonfiction 2005
Colorado Kid, The Novel 2005
'Salem's Lot Illustrated Edition Novel 2005
Art of Fiction No. 189, The Interview 2005
Secretary of Dreams, Vol. 1, The Limited Edition 2005
Cell Novel 2006
Lisey's Story Novel 2006
Green Mile, The Limited Edition 2006
Colorado Kid (Potter), The Limited Edition 2006
Colorado Kid (Chadbourne), The Limited Edition 2006
Colorado Kid (Miller), The Limited Edition 2006
Blaze Bachman Novel 2006
Duma Key Novel 2008
Just After Sunset Story Collection 2008
Harvey's Dream Short Story 2008
Mute Short Story 2008
A Very Tight Place Short Story 2008
Gingerbread Girl, The Short Story 2008
New York Times at Special Bargain Rates, The Short Story 2008
Things They Left Behind, The Short Story 2008
Willa Short Story 2008
N. Short Story 2008
Ayana Short Story 2008
Rest Stop Short Story 2008
Graduation Afternoon Short Story 2008
In the Shadow of the Master Anthology 2008
Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, The Anthology 2008
Genius of "The Tell-Tale Heart", The Essay 2008
Stephen King Goes to the Movies Story Collection 2009
Little Sisters of Eluria, The Limited Edition 2009
PostScripts Anthology 2009
He is Legend Anthology 2009
35 Scary Years with Stephen King Interview 2009
Throttle Short Story 2009
Stephen King Goes to the Movies Limited Edition 2009
Under the Dome Novel 2009
Darkness Anthology 2009
Very Best of Best New Horror, The Anthology 2009
Blockade Billy Limited Edition 2009
Shivers VI Anthology 2009
Secretary of Dreams, Vol. 2, The Limited Edition 2010
Full Dark, No Stars Story Collection 2010
Fair Extension Short Story 2010
1922 Short Story 2010
A Good Marriage Short Story 2010
Big Driver Short Story 2010
Light Speed: Year One Anthology 2010
Century's Best Horror Fiction Volume Two, The Anthology 2010
Weird, The Anthology 2010
Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! Anthology 2010
SCREEM #22 Interview 2011
A Book of Horrors Anthology 2011
Little Green God of Agony Short Story 2011
11/22/63 Novel 2011
Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole, The Limited Edition 2012
Mammoth Book of Body Horror, The Anthology 2012
Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole, The Novel 2012
Chronicles of Harris Burdick, The Anthology 2012
Shining, The Limited Edition 2012
Shivers VII Anthology 2012
Doctor Sleep Novel 2012
GUNS Nonfiction 2013
Joyland Limited Edition 2013
Hard Listening Anthology 2013
Joyland Novel 2013
Just A Little Talent Essay 2013
Dark Man, The Limited Edition 2013
Doctor Sleep Limited Edition 2013
Carrie Limited Edition 2013
Turn Down the Lights Anthology 2013
Mr. Mercedes Novel 2014
Woman - An Anthology Anthology 2014
Revival Novel 2014
Summer Thunder Short Story 2014
Batman and Robin Have An Altercation Short Story 2014
Drunken Fireworks Short Story 2014
Herman Wouk is Still Alive Short Story 2014
Mile 81 Short Story 2014
Bad Little Kid Short Story 2014
Afterlife Short Story 2014
'Salem's Lot Limited Edition 2014
Blockade Billy Novella 2014
UR Novella 2014
A Death Short Story 2014
Mister Yummy Short Story 2014
Morality Short Story 2014
Under the Weather Short Story 2014
Bone Church, The Poem 2014
Tommy Poem 2014
Bazaar of Bad Dreams, The Story Collection 2014
Dune, The Short Story 2014
That Bus Is Another World Short Story 2014
Dark Screams: Volume One Anthology 2014
Obits Short Story 2014
Premium Harmony Short Story 2014
Weeds Short Story 2014
Finders Keepers Novel 2015
Joyland Illustrated Edition Novel 2015


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