Links and information about miscellaneous things with various connections to Stephen King.



Primary Links:
The Haven Foundation
The Haven Foundation
The Haven Foundation is a national, nonprofit organization making grants to freelance writers and artists experiencing career-threatening illness, accident, natural disaster or other emergency or personal catastrophe.
The Barking Foundation
The Barking Foundation
The Barking Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation that provides grants for accredited post-secondary education of meritorious State of Maine residents, based on their demonstrated financial need.
The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation
The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation
The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation is a private non-profit organization that promotes strengthening and supporting communities and draws upon the values & spirituality of the founders. The Foundation has a special interest in organizations & people.
Joe Hill
Joe Hill
Joe Hill's website.
Owen King
Owen King
Owen King's website.
The Rock Bottom Remainders
The Rock Bottom Remainders
Stephen plays rhythm guitar with a host of other writers / musicians in this rock band, The Rock Bottom Remainders.
Sports radio station owned by Stephen
Rock n' Roll radio station owned by Stephen
Cafe Press
Cafe Press
Official Stephen King Merchandise

Online Book Stores:
Betts Books (Online Store)
Now an online-only store specializing in limited editions and other hard-to-find copies of Stephen's (and many other authors') works.
The Overlook Connection
The Overlook Connection
On-line bookseller with a wide variety of authors and genres including many unique items not available elsewhere

Subterranean Press
Subterranean Press
Subterranean Press is the proud publisher of exclusive editions of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
Simon & Schuster
The current publisher of Stephens works
Hodder & Stoughton
UK Publisher
Marvel Comics
Publisher of The Dark Tower, The Stand, and N. comics.
Penguin USA
Donald M. Grant, Publisher
Publisher of several limited editions
Cemetery Dance
Publisher of several limited editions.
The Stephen King Library
A book club for Stephen's works, run by the Book-of-the-Month club.
The Complete Guide to the Works of Stephen King
Concordances of everything you'd ever want to know about characters, places, things, etc. from Stephen's work

Artists & Musicians:
Bernie Wrightson
Illustrator for several books.
Michael Whelan
Illustrator for several books
Mark Geyer
Illustrator for several books, including Rose Madder & The Green Mile
Mike Perkins
Illustrator for Marvel's The Stand: Captain Trips
John Mellencamp
Acclaimed musician and collaborator with Stephen King on The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

Fan sites:
Fan Site
French fan club
Lilja's Library
Fan site


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