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The page for the Novel IT. ... Losers Club had vanquished the creature all those years ago, the seven had vowed to return to Derry if IT should ever reappear.

We watched it and it just ends with Stan in the tub. What's up with that? My nephew needs to know! :-). Jake. in reply to anthony, yes, a remake of Stephen King's ...
IT movie | The Message Board

hmmm, I didn't find a dedicated entry for IT movie. Let's talk about it here, if you don't mind. I find the sewers parts boring and the clowns ...
It remake | The Message Board

Is it still happening? Does anyone know? I'm re-reading the book now and can not wait for a better adaptation of the book.
<b>IT</b> (Characters)
IT (Characters)

Christine, The dead Belch Huggins gave a lift to Henry Bowers (in It) in a 1958 Red Plymouth Fury which is the same as the car Christine. Clarabel, Character on ...
Looking For A 25th Anniversary Edition Of It | The ...

My wife and I were married the year Cemetery Dance released their 25th Edition of It. The plan was for it to be my Groom's gift but something ...
IT - 25th Anniversary Special Edition From Cemetery Dance ...

Cemetery Dance Publications is very pleased to announce our Special Deluxe Limited Edition of Stephen King's classic novel It, which he calls his "final exam ...
IT - 25th Anniversary Special Edition From Cemetery Dance ...

Promotional page for the 25th Anniversary Special Edition of IT from Cemetery Dance.
IT reference in Gray Matter? | The Message Board

Sounds alot Pennywise in his spider form from IT doesn't it? ... in Gray Matter when Gray Matter was first published in 1973 and It in 1986?
Stanley Hotel, you're doing it wrong. | The ...

Stanley Hotel Wants You to Design Its New The Shining Maze So the Stanley Hotel, which was the inspiration behind King's book THE ...




































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