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1987, Best Novel, IT, Winner. 1995, Best Novel, Rose Madder, Nominee. 1996, Best Novel, The Green Mile, Nominee. 1997, The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and ...
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Like other sacred languages, the words and phrases of High Speech imply an entire philosophy of life, and the speaking of it was ritualized. Gunslinger ...
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A list of Stephen King's Movie/TV Appearances, organized alphabetically.
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IT, Viking Press, September, 1986. The Eyes of the Dragon, Viking Press, February, 1987. The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three, Donald M. Grant, ...
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Someone, or something, is using the evil technology of the Great Old Ones to destroy it. In Roland's where and when, the world has already begun to move on.
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Fan reviews of <b>IT</b> (Novel)
Fan reviews of IT (Novel)

Mar 12, 2013 ... Fan submitted reviews of the Novel IT. ... Would read it again but am reading his new time travel novel now. He is an awesome story teller!

Slower than I expected to start, but then it had to be because of the story. This is hands down my favourite King novel. The way he made me look at the world ...
Movies - A to Z

IT - Part 1: The Losers' Club. September 8th, 2017. The Mangler. March 3rd, 1995 . Maximum Overdrive. July 25th, 1986. Mercy. December 14th, 2012. Misery.
IT (Part 1)

The page for the Movie IT (Part 1) ... a remake of the classic IT! franchise? wonder if Tim Curry will reprise his role as penny-wise or if they will hire a darker ...




































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