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Sep 21, 2014 at 4:08 PM
Apr 11, 2006
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January 18
I'm a Jack of all Trades, master of none.

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Dana Jean

Beta Tester/Moderator, Female, from Thornfield


β€œIt's a cash and carry world. Sometimes you pay a little. Mostly it's a lot. Sometimes, it's everything you have.” Dec 6, 2013

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Engaged in conversation, Sep 21, 2014 at 4:08 PM
    1. Moderator
      Is the font looking okay to you now? I'm not seeing an issue on my screen although the Profile posts do seem to be much smaller than the thread posts but that may be a setting for my Profile.
    2. TrueGeneration
      Hi! Thank you for the follow! I enjoy reading your posts, and thanks for keeping this board running--it's a really great place to be a part of. Have a good one :)
    3. Riot87
      Yea i will have to jump on here sometime after i have him and let you guys know :)
    4. Riot87
      Hye girl how are you doing today? great i hope!
    5. Spideyman
    6. rocker1972
      Hi Dana Jean booklover under the pseuydom rocker72 is it possible to reopen my old account or do I have to start again.
    7. randallFlaggfan1
      Thank you, Dana! We named him after my late grandfather on my mother's side (grandpa Carter.) Even more unique is the spelling of his middle name: Jaxon.

      You know, I can't believe you've never read The Dark Half. Better late than never, eh? It's so dark and twisted, you gotta love it!
    8. randallFlaggfan1
      I've been well, Dana. Thank you so much for asking. And for the warm welcome back, of course.:)

      Yep, Carter keeps me very busy and on my toes! He'll be 2 in November!!! How have you been? Reading anything great lately?
    9. randallFlaggfan1
      Hey, long time no see, Dana!!!:)
    10. Gallina
      Hello Dana! All is good here, and thank you for your warm wishes. Many prayers that all this will be over soon! I hope you and your family are doing well too!)))
    11. EMTP513
      I don't know how to send a personal message, there's no button for it. Or I can't the hell find it. So I have to ask this here.
      How do I stop myself from being locked into "Keep me signed in" mode on this web site.? I never asked it to do that, but it won't let me log out. Now if anybody who's with me gets online, he'll see all my stuff.
    12. Spideyman
    13. Spideyman
      Want to thank you for all your help. think I'll stay out of the Basement for awhile ;-) Love and green lights. Heading for 100F
    14. Lily Sawyer
      Lily Sawyer
      Did you read the stuff I sent?
    15. Lily Sawyer
      Lily Sawyer
      Buon giorno, principessa.....what's the haps? How're the kitty cats??
    16. TBlack
    17. HollyGolightly
      I been missing you too honey! Somehow my life is busier - how that's possible with the kids out of school is beyond me. I'll have some luxurious mornings next week though. I'll chime in whilst having my coffee on the balcony of our beachfront condo. We'll catch up!
      1. Dana Jean likes this.
    18. Riot87
      Hey girl how are you doing?
    19. Srbo
      Howdy. Thanks for editing my thread, I overlooked that one. :) Happy Mothers Day. :)
    20. Riot87
      Thats nice to hear i am glad you are doing well. Lol my daughter is good she is coloring right now. Luckily we live like 100 feet from a park so i took her there today as well. Aside from the part were my female scorpion ate her partner a little while ago they are all good she is going to have babies too lol.
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    January 18
    I'm a Jack of all Trades, master of none.
    Real Name:
    Bertha Mason
    Favorite Books:
    Harriet the Spy; To Kill a Mockingbird; Jane Eyre; All the Harry Potters; Stephen King--everything.
    Favorite Movies:
    Forrest Gump, The Godfather, The Ten Commandments, The Innocents, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
    I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there's a pair of us β€” don't tell!


    "You've been here before, but things are about to change...There's a storm on the way." SK
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