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Dana Jean
Apr 11, 2006
Likes Received:
January 18
I'm a Jack of all Trades, master of none.

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Dana Jean

Dirty Pirate Hooker, Female, from Thornfield


“This was too much. "I refuse. I absolutely REFUSE to be an onion.” Apr 16, 2016

    1. Riot87
      Thank you we are all doing good today lol just watching t.v and playing games with Jonelle. How are you doing? You still watch TWD?
    2. pegasus216
      Thank you! I'm doing better today, just one little bout of the tummy virus. No fun when you keep messing up your clothes.
    3. SharonC
      Too bad. I don't know why but I just woke up this morning with her on my mind.
    4. SharonC
      Hey, DJ.

      For some reason this morning, Angie Rose, from the old message board crossed my mind. I was wondering if you ever heard from her or remember her husband's name?
      1. Cola likes this.
    5. Lily Sawyer
      Lily Sawyer
      Hey, Birthday Girl.

      Those crazy birthday [goat} kids are over in your birthday thread.

      For now....chocolate-caramel layer cake. A car wash. A spa day. And a purring ragdoll on your lap. xxoo
    6. FlakeNoir
      Happy (Kiwi) birthday, my friend. ♥
    7. Riot87
      Hey girl we are doing great thanks for asking my daughter being really helpful with her brother lol its cute. its very cold here right now smh

      How are you doing today?
    8. Lepplady
      Merry Christmas, DJ! May all your Christmas wishes come true.
    9. cat in a bag
      cat in a bag
      Merry Christmas! Big hugs to you.
    10. CriticAndProud
      Merry Christmas !!! :)
    11. TrueGeneration
      Hi DJ! Can you please fix my post in the Secret Santa thread? It's the post for Flake--all the pictures are under one spoiler and I ran out of time to undo it--thanks so much for your help! :)
    12. FlakeNoir
    13. thatxboxguy
      So I guess thanks are in order for you sabotaging my chances at selling books. Thanks.
    14. Stanley Ruiz
    15. Mantor
      Hi Dana Jean. You been pretty cool since my return. Thx. I do have a question for you. May sound primitive. What the heck is a beta tester?
    16. Riot87
      About my cousin?
      The Jamaica police caught the guy and he said he was trying to rob and he didnt even mean to shoot.
      either way i hope he never gets out of prison.
    17. Spideyman
      Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
    18. staropeace
      When I post in that thread, I did not know it was going up there with the actual threads of dear friends and folks who died. I would prefer that these remain just that... It is not a big deal Dana. Just saying is all. Just because I do not enjoy it does not mean others have a problem with it.
    19. Dana Jean
      Dana Jean
      I will check it out for sure.
    20. staropeace
      Maybe I am making much ado about nothing but the RIP page is a special place for our families and online members who is is the clearing. Sometimes it is for some well loved celebrity or world leader....people we admire. That thread 2014, while being a nice thread should not be up there with rest. Just saying...and it just my opinion sweety.
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  • About

    January 18
    I'm a Jack of all Trades, master of none.
    Real Name:
    Bertha Mason
    Favorite Books:
    Harriet the Spy; To Kill a Mockingbird; Jane Eyre; All the Harry Potters; Stephen King--everything.
    Favorite Movies:
    Forrest Gump, The Godfather, The Ten Commandments, The Innocents, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
    I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there's a pair of us — don't tell!


    “This was too much. "I refuse. I absolutely REFUSE to be an onion.”
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