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May 13
Paramedic, ECG Technician

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    1. Dana Jean
      Dana Jean
      There should be a box you tick when you log in that says "keep me logged into this site." All you have to do is uncheck it. To send a private message, just click on someone's avatar and it will pull up a box and there is a place that says "start a conversation.' These are private messages. Hope that helps. Let me know if that doesn't work.
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      2. EMTP513
        It's not LETting me log in because it has me locked into Already Logged In mode. So I can't find the box to UNcheck it.
        Jul 4, 2014
    2. nate_watkins
      Happy birthday!
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    3. GNTLGNT
      Happy birthday young lady!
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    4. Walter Oobleck
      Walter Oobleck
      Happy Birthday! :)
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    5. Neesy
      Hi EMTP513 - Welcome back to the board! <):0)
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    May 13
    Paramedic, ECG Technician
    Real Name:
    Vicki B.
    Favorite Books:
    Under the Dome
    Doctor Sleep

    Odd Thomas series
    Favorite Movies:
    The Green Mile, w/ Tom Hanks
    I'm a paramedic and ECG Technician.
    I started as an EMT-B (basic level) progressed to EMT-D, which means Emergency Medical Technician at the entry level w/ added Defibrillator training.)
    When they disposed of the title EMT-D, I became an EMT-I (intermediate level.) When they started talking about doing away with that, I finally decided to become an EMT-P, IOW a paramedic. I hope they don't start talking of doing away with that title too, b/c there's nowhere else I can go with the title. Not with Emergency Medicine anyway. I'm at the limit and I'm mostly happy with what I do.
    Anywhere you could progress from paramedic holds no interest for me except Critical Care Paramedic, but that means you work on the Life Flight and in critical care, as opposed to the entire spectrum of Emergency Medicine.

    I love cats. Big or small, it doesn't matter, I love them all. My favorite big cat is a tiger, my favorite domestic kitty is my tabby cat, named Pandora.
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