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Nov 8, 2010
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Under your bed
Finisher of orthopedic implants and instruments, s

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I live. Jan 16, 2015

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Jan 26, 2015 at 5:35 AM
    1. Debbie913
      Welcome back!!! Did you build the bookshelf yet?! How have you been?
    2. cat in a bag
      cat in a bag
      YES!! But with mine that usually brings on more sullen, pouty crap. Haha. Tell ya what, we will have to complain to each other when they behave badly! He is a good kid at school, carries good grades and doesn't get into trouble, so I am trying to be glad about that and just deal with it at home. ;)
      Hells bells mate - I know you said "I'm going out- I may be some time" - but mate- really!
    4. cat in a bag
      cat in a bag
      Ups and downs. I hear ya. Here, too. Glad things are getting better though! I am so happy you are back! Kids are growing, and mostly happy, but the 13 yr old is perfecting his sullen phase. Haha! How is yours? About that same age, isn't he? Big hugs to you!
      1. muskrat likes this.
    5. Sigmund
      Hey, you!

      What have you been up to? How's your son?

      Hugs to both of you.

      Behave! Or invite me along.

      1. muskrat likes this.
    6. Lily Sawyer
      Lily Sawyer
      Naw. Can't be.
      1. muskrat likes this.
    7. nate_watkins
      You found your way back. You may have noticed... We've changed the carpet, and replaced the curtains. And the furniture has been rearranged.
      1. muskrat likes this.
    8. blunthead
      Rat. Hello, Rat...
      1. muskrat likes this.
    9. cat in a bag
      cat in a bag
      Muskie! Oh how glad I am to see you. How are you, where ya been, give me the skinny. Hugs to you.
      1. muskrat likes this.
    10. muskrat
      I live.
      1. Sigmund likes this.
      2. Sigmund
        It's about time, Good Looking!
        You were missed.

        Jan 16, 2015
    11. Ebdim9th
      Long, longer, longest... time.... where you beez at King Ratt?
    12. not_nadine
      Hiya Muskie! Miss you here! We have burritos on the new boards..
    13. if-so-Grrl
      Where are you, Muskie? I miss ya. Merry Christmas.
    14. Evil Queen
      Evil Queen
      Hi Muskrat! Have you made your way over here to the new board? I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! :)
    15. Spideyman
      Wishing you a Blessed and merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May it be filled with love and green lights!!
    16. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      I have become...... Stanley Ruiz ....TADA ! Homage to swarly paxmore - who seems to have gone with all the other characters buried "over there!"
    17. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Oh yeh - I sorta broke my last account - big tantrum - scrubbed the lot and never looked back - as bobby would say - "edjit" still, I got busy livin - so no sheemus , he died in the Great Tantrum II ...but like a Phoenix from the flame
    18. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      How about a big hug for the fella with the keg. Fancy meeting you here- and today of all days . I was trying to hand out my chrimbo cards to folks but still have em in my school sachel - can't post pics, can't holler and run , can't join a group ho down - hell can't even drop off my shenanigans on mylifefoeyousk to try and win a bookmark - anyhoo I am. In yet another disguise - lost the other
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    Under your bed
    Finisher of orthopedic implants and instruments, s
    Real Name:
    Muskrat Bartholomew Cavindish
    Favorite Books:
    The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler, Tristessa by Jack Kerouac, The Dark Tower by whatsisname
    Favorite Movies:
    Creepshow, or Treasure of the Sierra Madre
    Raised by coyotes in Elko Nevada. Still enjoys the occasional glass of coyote milk.

    reading, writing, art, ladies, beer, smokes