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September 22
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    1. cat in a bag
      cat in a bag
      Happy Easter to you and John, my dear Siggy. Miss ya! Staying busy, I get RJ several afternoons/evenings a week. He is almost crawling, has the scoot down pat! Time to babyproof the house! Sending all my love and big hugs!!
    2. Spideyman
      Wishing you and yours a wonderful Friday and a calm, blessed weekend. Love and green lights.
    3. HollyGolightly
      Prayers for you and your son honey! I hope you're OK - know you are lifted up in prayer here on the SKMB! Pray your rosary - it helps in times of crisis and sadness - so much.
    4. onlyewe
      Hi Siggie - long time no speak! Hope all is well, big hugs and warm wishes.
    5. Spideyman
      Stopping by to say Hi- sending positive vibes for mind, body and spirit to be well. Love and green lights!
    6. nate_watkins
      Hi Sig! Hope all is well!
    7. mustangclaire
      Hope you're feeling better soon, sounds like you've had such a rough ride. x
    8. Spideyman
      Sending out a special hi and hugs with lots of love and green lights. I owe you a PM-- soon/ Life is just so busy. Be well and be blessed.
    9. Tery
      Just wanted to let you know.... I got to read your non-viable post in *that thread* and you rock! ;)
    10. charmed_one3
      Thank you so much for your kind words. It is so nice to be back. : )
    11. FlakeNoir
      Thank you so much for saying what you did in the Mods thread, Siggy... I appreciate so much that you appreciated that day and btw, you were so gracious when you got back to me, you always are. :-) xox
    12. cat in a bag
      cat in a bag
      Hello Dear Sig. Saw you aren't feeling well. Stopping by with feel better vibes and big hugs!! Love ya!
    13. Becks19
      Hey Siggy! It is so good to see you. I get really busy and don't stop as often as I should......I always think of you though!
    14. cat in a bag
      cat in a bag
      Merry Christmas to you and John. Love you both!
    15. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Merry christmas siggie, raising a glass xx
    16. blunthead
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, Siggy!!! I'm glad I know you. :-)
    17. Evil Queen
      Evil Queen
      Now we're only allowed a certain amount of characters to post so I have to break up my whole message........grrrrr!!!! :(
    18. Evil Queen
      Evil Queen
      I'm guessing there was no Secret Santa this year, huh? Well, I want to continue to be loyal to this site so I will try to be around more after the holidays are over. Well, I hope you are doing well. Stop by and say hello when you get a chance. :)
    19. Evil Queen
      Evil Queen
      Hi Sigmund! :) I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas! I haven't been around lately. At first I liked the look of the new board and was excited but now I find myself missing the old board and the social groups. :(
    20. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      But hey, its all roses- pressies to wrap and house to clean for family get together tomorrow, then off to a 21st birthday - last time i went to a 21st was 1992 !!!
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