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    1. Walter Oobleck
      Walter Oobleck
      Happy birthday!
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    2. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Mornin V

      Today is 'prep the garden for winter' day. My hard earned cash being spent on manure... ( nothing new there then)
    3. Dana Jean
      Dana Jean
      Episode 1 was removed by the BBC apparently. We won't post the whole series due to copyright.
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    4. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Sick of this moderation for messages v - really p$$n me off.
    5. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Heres episode 1 of series 1 -

      Like I said, hitch hikers for the Gen x ( hitchhikers was hitchers for gen x too!)
    6. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz

      You guys tried it with life on mars- it didnt work- and it really didnt work here!

      Leave it alone pleeezeeee.
    7. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz

      Think hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, with a bit of dwarf, and you have RED DWARF ! Chessy 1st series- but awesome lines. Then hold onto your nachos- its brilliant, (series 8 goes down hill) but everything from the curry monster to the sirens is awesome. Brit comedy at its best. The link is a top ten
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    8. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Today i have just had a gourmet delight....cheeseburger crusted pizza- WTF my arteries are blocked just repeating the menu. Pepperoni delight. Oh my aching belly!
    9. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Does nobody write on the walls anymore?
    10. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Just squeezing through the crowds to get to the bar - howdie V

      Hows wastelands? Or is it wizard and glass now?

      Shed as four walls - now on the fencing - getting old man arthritis fingers with all the banging .

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    11. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Doctor sleep was firing along until he realiSed the famy connection ... Bah that put the breaks on the whole thing . Need time to digest the coincidence .
    12. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Shed 50% done
    13. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Pulled Night shift - it's killin me !!!
    14. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Hello from the most downiest side of west Australia - a backyard town called Albany - look it up , it's awesome !!! In holiday mode again , family camping ( log cabin) going snorkelling at greens bay - bloody marvellous
    15. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Maybe shoulda done a pm eh!
    16. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Anyhoo- hows the clan doing?
    17. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      ...and the fact that the interior light on the boot would not go out along with the drain on the radio, left me on edge the entire move!!
    18. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Went to the drive in last night - Frozen, was the star event, and i would have actually enjoyed it - had amys friend nor decided to sing her way through the blood movie, telling us that he next bit was the best bit!,
    19. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Got my picture up of the fairy bubble orbs -
    20. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Bonjeur - done my saturday shift , sitting back with a four pack of bulmars cider watching footie , checking the board. Nobody writes on the profile pages anymore. Wonder why?
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