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Mar 15, 2012
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Engaged in conversation, Oct 24, 2014 at 7:53 AM
    1. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      100+ and i gotta wear jeans and hi vis long sleeves!!
    2. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      40degree on its way ...
    3. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Just been and sat through Dusk till Dawn - WTF!
    4. blunthead
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, Becki!!! When we writing again?
    5. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Have a great time V catch up in the new yaer
    6. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Dont reckon the original gift of a second hand copy of breaking dawn park 2 would have gone to well.
    7. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Shopping is all done - a matching toaster and kettle for my wife was a last minute hint i had to go out and search for!!
    8. muskrat
      Anyhoo, Merry Chrizzamatizz, my feathered friend. Tell the cats hullo from me down at the Bar-n-Grill--oh, that's right, we can't do that no more. Grrrr.

      Love and Moongrease.
      1. Stanley Ruiz and VultureLvr45 like this.
      2. Stanley Ruiz
        Stanley Ruiz
        Bah - missed the rittle rodent guy again - hes too quick,
        Dec 23, 2013
    9. muskrat
      And now we cant post over 420 characters at a time? At least, I can't, I assume it's the same for everybody? This SUCKS.
      1. VultureLvr45 likes this.
    10. muskrat
      Got none of the first livewriting story, back when Johnny Dalglish was alive--oh god, Johnny's words, all them words *choke*. Can't believe that stuff's gone.

      This sucks.
      1. VultureLvr45 likes this.
    11. muskrat
      Yeeeshh Louieeeeeshh...this new board, I dunno. And all the groups are gone . All those words, man, all those stories'n poems...all our stuff! Gone! Luckily I printed out most of my Phantom Hipsters, printed Uther The a tiny bit of Dalglish Road.
      1. VultureLvr45 likes this.
    12. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Bah - cant post pics !
      1. VultureLvr45 likes this.
    13. Stanley Ruiz
      Stanley Ruiz
      Merry christmas V

      Thought id pop in for a chat- only imagine my disappointment - NO bar and grill !!!!

      Have a great holiday - catch you on FB
    14. Haunted
      Thank you for your comment on my avatar!
    15. MadamMack
      Darlin', always make personal back-ups of anything you put on the web that you wish to keep.
      I really hope that you are able to retrieve your entries from the old board.
      1. VultureLvr45
        Me too Ms. Mack...But I think I'm pretty much 'sol' on it.
        Nov 26, 2013
    16. VultureLvr45
      It's all good...
    17. Neesy
      Hi VultureLvr45 - Have a great weekend! *<):o)
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    Becki short for Rebecca
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    Sorry- can't pick just one
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    Too many good ones...
    BA in 1985, Mother, Wife, Love to &quot;people watch&quot;, and enjoy watching large groups of Vultures. (The animal kind, not the human kind- although that can be interesting if not too cruel).

    Reading, Writing, Daydreaming, Hiking, Cooking, Learning Guitar, Art