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    "Neither Maine nor the federal government places restrictions on the geographical use of TANF welfare cash."
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    Gee - I wonder if the Maine Wire is sort of an extreme "right wing" paper? (Hey don't bash me - I'm just a dumb Canadian!) [​IMG]

    "The Maine Wire is not owned by wealthy leftists like the Portland Press Herald" - quote from the bottom of the article :biggrin2:
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    Last week Gov. LePage released data showing that out of 1.8 million welfare-related transactions, there were only 3,701 instances of possible fraud. This is two-tenths of one percent.

    Our "esteeemed" Governor also wanted to prove the "widespread Medicare Fraud" in Maine. How much did the Governor's study cost the taxpayers? $925,000! The majority of the contract is paid for from the state’s general fund, and $193,680 is federal money. Nearly $70,000 was diverted from savings that the administration found in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. At what cost and to whom were those "savings" found? When the State's Attorney General demanded that the report be made public under the Freedom of Information Act, he told her she could sue him.
    Maine attorney general demands Medicaid report be made public | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME
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    From the article linked, is also this paragraph:

    "There are possible reasons a household may be using benefits in another state legitimately. It may be more convenient or cost effective to shop in a bordering state; military families receiving benefits in Maine might be transferred to another state; natural disasters, domestic violence, or divorce, may displace people, making it necessary to seek shelter with out-of-state family members or friends; or families may move to find employment."

    The overwhelming majority of the transactions occurred in NH which does neighbor Maine. This makes a lot of sense to me as the majority of the population of the state is in the southern half and NH does not have a sales tax whereas Maine does. The rationale may be that going there to make purchases gives the user more buying power. What they may not be taking into account is the cost for getting there may outweigh the "savings".
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    Sounds like a worthwhile study when Maine has had higher than average spending on welfare programs in recent years compared to similar states. It makes sense to introduce bills to limit benefits in order to ensure that those who receive state money truly deserve it. Their plans to eliminate the ability to purchase lottery tickets, cigarettes, and alcohol with EBT cards alse seems reasonable, as does ensuring that those who apply for benefits are also simultaneously applying for a job.
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    Perhaps other states in our area could also help out by not putting their welfare recipients on buses that end up in Maine. It happens--not discussed publicly but those in the field know it does.
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    Happens here also, PA gets the same from NJ. They drive them across the river, a few bucks in hand and drop them off near low rent hotels.
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    Yup. We don't get a lot of homeless dropped off, but the state shipped a TON of people off to Portland when the Olympics were here. Crappy.
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