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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by staropeace, May 13, 2014.

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    ...most communities around here have had curfews for the younger set, it's enforcing it that's the difficulty...
  3. Grandpa

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure my town had a curfew. I'm pretty sure I broke it a number of times. I got pulled over a number of times (leadfootosis) but never for that.

    Mostly, it was a semi-decent tool for the parents to say, "You have to get home by curfew, because I'm not bailing you out for tonight."
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    I got hauled into the police station in the back of a police car for curfew. Me my friend and two other guys who got snagged at a party the cops broke up. We sang Stuck in Folsom Prison and had a good laugh until it got real serious. I thought I was going to puke.
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    [QUOTE I really liked structure.....weird eh?
    Baltimore sets youth curfew to curb crime | Weird | News | Edmonton Sun[/QUOTE]

    Not weird at all - children need structure (this from someone who hasn't any, but has twin 8-year nephews).
    It makes them feel safe.

    Everything has structure - from a DNA strand to a Beethoven sonata.

    I didn't care for structure when I was a child, & even less when I was a teenager.
    I tell my mother that she was like Pinochet - my dad z'l didn't do tyranny.
    But both of them had standards & expectations.

    I digress.
    Youth curfew in the UK?
    For individual lawbreakers, yep. Already enforced
    But a blanket ban for all the teenagers in a village/town/city?
    Would probably need an Act of Parliament.
    Or an outbreak of major civil disobedience where emergency powers could be invoked.
  6. guido tkp

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    every town i ever lieed in, including the one i'm in now, has had a curfew fer the yungins...

    most times, it never bothered me...but, if we were to go see a late movie...a concert...a major league game of some sort...all those things were far away from whatever little burg in which my parents forced me to each occasion wrought the possibility of a runin with jonnylaw....

    luckily, from that sort of thing, nothing ever was that one night...wehn i was really young an dpretty stupid....

    so...the lot of us are hanging out, past curfew, by this huge hedge right by a semi busy thouroughfare.,..and there was a wee bit of snow, we were making snowballs and throwing them at passing cars

    the smart kids, not me, threw them at the ones going the other way...away from us...

    most of the time, i did too...

    but then i got dared...

    so i made this perfectly sized ball, watched as the headlights approached...and heaved the mightest, truest shot of my entire life...

    i watched it sail throught he air...i gloried at its arch...

    i about shat in my pants when it hit the police cruiser....

    i've never run so fast in all my life nor jumped over fences with such ease...and i did not get caught...true story
  7. Grandpa

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    This has been one of the hardest lessons of my life. I'm an egalitarian at heart. If I'm running a show (and I have), I want to explain the mission and have a consensus about how to get the mission done.

    That's not what people want. They want structure and instructions. Sure, they want to be heard, but if the border collie** is not yapping at them, they're disorganized and unhappy.

    Very tough lesson. I don't naturally tell people what to do. But it's gotten easier as I've seen what's effective.

    **I do not mean to denigrate border collies and their intelligence and work ethic with a comparison to me.
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    All the towns around here have a curfew for kids--most are 11pm. I remember a curfew for those under 20, years back. My brother was driving his friend home at 2 am, got pulled over for curfew violation. He was 20, but cop called my dad anyway (on a work night!), to see if he knew my brother had the car.Waking a lifetime military man to tattle on his adult son is not pretty. Entertaining for he rest of us, though--lol.
  9. Neesy

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    I just remember having to come home as soon as the street lights came on!
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  10. Kurben

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    Yeah, me too. I was a rather calm teenager anyway but there sure ain't no curfew. Either in town or country. You could be up and about as long as you liked. i knew of some families with kids that say you must be home at that and that hour. But you has to be old enough to vote too buy a pack of ciggs
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    Dana Jean - here I've been thinking of you as All-American sweetie pie, look at me I'm Sandra Dee, and instead you're Joan Jett!
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    lol! No Joan Jett, much closer to Sandra Dee. Sort of Roseanne.
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  14. blunthead

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    egalitarian \i-ˌga-lə-ˈter-ē-ən\ adjective, aiming for equal wealth, status, etc., for all people.

    I believe that people need structure, preferably via self-discipline, but not everyone employs self-discipline. Structure imposed by others becomes necessary. I'm one who does well with structure imposed through others - friends, bosses, the police.

    Boundaries are taught, or aren't, in childhood. When they aren't the resulting adult has problems in life knowing where to draw certain lines on his/her own behavior, requiring society to correct them.
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  16. swiftdog2.0

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    Unfortunately another sign that Big Brother will not be happy until they have taken away what freedoms we have left. Next headline: Free Speech has been reduced to a 20% off coupon..........
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  17. SharonC

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    I remember this well. We had such freedom as kids and teens back then. We also respected and listened to our parents, so we knew that unless we were at a school dance (where we all had parents who picked us up afterwards), home by dark was the rule!
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  18. Kurben

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    I remember when i was in university (i still lived at ny parents place because it was very close to the uni) after one really good party. So good i forgot to go home. When we got to the uni for the afternoon lecture my father had been there in the morning and asked the whole class including teachers "Is there someone who knows where my dumb idiot of a son is?" Unfortunately i had made a call at 2 am to one that was present to ask him to join us. So he told where i was. When the four of us finally made it to uni we heard about this for years to came. Especially me of course since i was the dumb idiot who hadn't told his parents they would stay over with a friend that night.
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