The Dead Zone
  The Dead Zone
Formats: CD, Mp3
Release Date: April , 2017

From the Box:

When Johnny Smith was six years old, head trauma caused by a bad ice-skating accident left him with a
nasty bruise on his forehead and, from time to time, those hunches . . . infrequent but accurate snippets
of things to come. But it isn’t until Johnny’s a grown man—-now having survived a horrifying auto injury
that plunged him into a coma lasting four-and-a-half years—-that his special abilities really push to the fore.
Johnny Smith has come back from the void with an extraordinary gift that becomes his life’s curse . . . presenting
visions of what was and what will be for both the innocent and guilty alike. But when he encounters
a ruthlessly ambitious and amoral man who promises a terrifying fate for all humanity, Johnny must find a
way to prevent a harrowing predestination from becoming reality. 

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