Wolves of the Calla
  Wolves of the Calla
Formats: Cassette / CD / eAudio
Released (US): 2003
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Read By: George Guidall & Stephen King
In Print: Yes


After escaping the perilous wreckage of Blaine the insane Mono and eluding the evil clutches of the vindictive sorcerer Randall Flagg, Roland and his ka-tet find themselves back on the southeasterly path of the Beam. Here, in the borderlands that lie between Mid-World and End-World, Roland and his friends are approached by a frightened band of representatives from the nearby town of Calla Bryn Sturgis. In less than a month, the Calla will be attacked by the Wolves--those masked riders that gallop out of Thunderclap once a generation to steal the town's children. The Calla folken need the kind of help that only gunslingers can give, and if the tet agrees to help, the town's priest--Father Callahan, once of 'Salem's Lot, Maine--promises to give them Black Thirteen, the most potent and treacherous of Maerlyn's magic balls. He used it to enter Mid-World, and now it sleeps fitfully beneath the floorboards of his church. Meanwhile, in the New York of 1977, the Sombra Corporation plots to destroy the lot at Second Avenue and Forty-Sixth Street. How can Roland and his friends both save the rose and fight the Wolves? Only by using the magic of Black Thirteen, but how can anyone trust this sinister and treacherous object which is, in actuality, the eye of the Crimson King himself? Time is running out on all levels of the Tower, but unless our ka-tet can defeat the minions of Thunderclap both in our world and in Mid-World, they will never reach that great lynchpin of the time/space continuum which, even now, begins to totter . . .


Includes the Afterword read by Stephen King


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Community Thoughts:
Posted By: Sanelli - February 15th, 2012 3:43:14 pm EST

i was listening to the part where Callahan is in jail and someone was calling out names in alphabetical order and i heard what seemed like mine. sanelli. i wanted to know if it was. i might have to go to the library to confirm.

Posted By: Stan - August 27th, 2010 8:35:59 am EDT
Why oh why Frank Mulller doesn't narrate the rest of the series? He was absolutely fantastic. With his voice acting who needs movies? George Guidall is ok but I can't "see" like I did with Mr. Muller. But maybe it's just me.
[Frank Muller was not able to record the others due to health issues.  He passed away in June 2008.]

Posted By: Guitar Chick - October 18th, 2009 6:00:47 pm EDT
Love the series!!


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