Roadwork Characters List:


Character Name Description
Andrea  Mr. Piazzi's dog
?, Alan  Sold Barton the explosives. Worked for Sal Magliore
?, Andy  Nephew of Barton Dawes. Son of Bea.
?, Bea  Mother of Andy
?, Belly  On a TV show seen by Barton Dawes in Duncan's bar
?, Bill  Nephew of Barton Dawes
?, Cindy  Niece of Barton Dawes
?, Duncan  Owned Duncan's bar
?, Gayle  Worked at Nicky's Diner
?, Hank  On a TV show seen by Barton Dawes in Duncan's bar
?, Jeff  Lover of Olivia Brenner and drug user.
?, Phyllis  Barton Dawes secretary in the Blue Ribbon Laundry
?, Ray  Sold Barton the explosives. Worked for Sal Magliore
?, Rhonda  Worked in the Blue Ribbon Laundry
?, Sharon  On a TV show seen by Barton Dawes in Duncan's bar
?, Sharon  While the traveling salesman was making love with Olivia Brenner he kept saying this name.
?, Sylvia  Niece of Barton Dawes.
?, Tina  Niece of Barton Dawes
Adams, Nicholas  Made-up psychiatrist name that Barton Dawes gave to his wife
Adams, Nicholas Frederick  Made-up "cousin" of Barton Dawes
Agar, John  Actor Mentioned in passing
Albert, ?  Wife of Hank Albert.
Albert, Dave  Reporter
Albert, Hank  Ex-Neighbor of Barton Dawes.
Albertson, Ralph  Boss of laundry operations at the Blue Ribbon Laundry.
Alexander, Ben  Actor mentioned in passing
Arlin, ?  Neighbors of Barton Hughes
Barry, Jack  Actor mentioned in passing
Ben-Gurion, David  Mentioned in passing
Bogart, Humphrey  Actor mentioned in passing
Boone, Richard  Character in "I Bury the Living"
Boyd, Malcolm  Mentioned in passing
Brenner, Olivia  Hitchhiker that Barton Dawes picked up
Brolin, James  Actor Mentioned in passing
Bronticelli, Luigi  Bitten by Andrea. Runs a barbershop.
Cagney, Jimmy  Actor mentioned in passing
Calloway, Jean  Mary Calloway's mother and wife of Lester
Calloway, Lester  Mary Calloway's father and husband of Jean.
Calloway, Mary  Daughter of Lester and Jean. Maiden name of Mary Dawes
Carlisle, Kitty  On TV show "To Tell the Truth"
Carter, Meg  Friend of Mary Dawes
Cavett, Dick  Mentioned in passing
Chalmers, Henry  Was plant foreman
Chamberlain, Wilt  Mentioned in passing
Chancellor, John  Mentioned in passing
Child, Julia  Actor Mentioned in passing
Cocker, Andy  Chargers player
Cosell, Howard  Mentioned in passing
Crawford, Broderick  Actor Mentioned in passing
Cronkite, Walter  TV personality mentioned in passing
Cullen, Bill  On TV show "To tell the truth"
Dahl, Arlene  On TV show "To tell the truth"
Dankman, ?  Neighbors of Barton Dawes
Darby, ?  Neighbors of Barton Dawes
Davis, Gary  Blues singer mentioned in passing
Dawes, Barton George (Bart)  Husband of Mary Dawes who runs the Blue Ribbon Laundry.
Dawes, Charles Frederick  Son of Barton.
Dawes, Fred  Barton Dawes second personality that has "conversations" with him at times.
Dawes, Mary  Wife of Barton Dawes. Married name of Mary Calloway.
Dawes, Ralph  Barton's father.
De Haviland, Olivia  Actress mentioned in passing
Devine, Andy  Actor mentioned in passing
Diment, Ethel  Worked at the Blue Ribbon Laundry.
Drake, Phil  A street priest from Russell that helps street kids.
Eastwood, Clint  Actor mentioned in passing
Elliot, T.S.  Author mentioned in passing
Fednach, Hugh  Mustang player
Fenner, Phillip T.  Lawyer for the city council.
Floyd, Gracie  Worked at the Blue Ribbon laundry and a cousin of Maureen.
Floyd, Maureen  Worked at the Blue Ribbon laundry and a cousin of Gracie.
Fontain, Dr.  Doctor mentioned in passing
Fort, Charles  Author
Gibbs, Ethel  Worked in the Blue Ribbon Laundry.
Gordon, Jack  Friends of the Dawes
Granger, Tom  Worked in the Blue Ribbon Laundry. Husband of Verna Granger.
Granger, Verna  Tom Granger's wife.
Griffin, Merv  TV personality mentioned in passing
Haggard, H. Rider  Wrote "She"
Hamner, Walter  Friend of Barton Dawes
Harvey, Paul  Mentioned in passing
Hobart, Ellen  Wife of Jack Hobart.
Hobart, Jack  Friend of Barton Dawes and husband of Ellen Hobart.
Hobart, Linda  Daughter of Jack and Ellen.
Holt, Victoria  Author mentioned in passing
Homer, Winslow  Painter.
Hope, Bob  Mentioned in passing
Howard, Tina  Maiden name of Tina Wallace.
Jackson, ?  Red headed wife of Dick.
Jackson, Dick  At Wally Hamner's party.
Jagger, Mick  Singer
Janssen, David  Actor mentioned in passing
John, Elton  Singer mentioned in passing
Jones, Harry  Worked at the Blue Ribbon Laundry
Keeson, Betty  Broke her arm in the Blue Ribbon Laundry in an accident.
Keller, Dick  Neighbor of Barton Dawes
Kennedy, Robert  Mentioned in passing
King, Henry  Police Lieutenant
King, Martin Luther  Mentioned in passing
Knauer, Virginia  On television advertisement to save energy
Koerner, Spider John  Blues singer mentioned in passing
Lane, Francis  Owned construction company
Lang, Alicia  Ex-Neighbor of Barton Hughes and wife of Tony Lang.
Lang, Tony  Ex-Neighbor of Barton Hughes. Husband of Alicia
Linkletter, Art  TV personality
Lombardo, Guy  Band leader mentioned in passing
Lovecraft, H.P.  Author mentioned in passing
MacKenzie, Gisele  Actor mentioned in passing
Maddox, Lester  Mentioned in passing
Madison, Guy  Actor mentioned in passing
Magliore, Salvatore (Sally one-eye)  Crook who sells cars.
Mahoney, Jock  Actor mentioned in passing
Mansey, Pete  Worked at Magliore's Used Cars
March, Hal  Actor mentioned in passing
Mason, Roberta (Bobby)  Daughter of Sharon and Vinnie
Mason, Sharon  Vinnie Mason's wife and mother of Roberta
Mason, Vincent (Vinnie)  Worked in the Blue Ribbon Laundry. Husband of Sharon and father of Roberta.
Millard, Ray  Actor mentioned in passing
Milner, Marty  Actor mentioned in passing
Monohan, Patrick J.  Real estate agent
Moore, Garry  On TV show "To tell the truth"
Naish, Donald P.  Democratic candidate who died
Narz, Jack  Actor mentioned in passing
Newman, Paul  Actor mentioned in passing
Nixon, Richard  Politician mentioned in passing
Ordner, Carla  Wife of Stephan
Ordner, Stephan (Steve)  Manager of Amroco, the company that owned the Blue Ribbon Laundry.
Passos, Dos  The "Original Gonzo" journalist according to Jeff, Olivia Brenner's lover.
Paxton, Tom  Blues singer mentioned in passing
Petty, Richard  Mentioned in passing
Piazzi, Mr.  Acquaintance of Salvatore Magliore as a child. He owned the dog Andrea.
Pollack, Steve  Worked in the Blue Ribbon Laundry.
Powers, Francis Gary  Shot down in a U2 fighter. Mentioned in passing
Preston, Bob  Friends of Mary Dawes
Preston, Janet  Friends of Mary Dawes
Pym, Gordon  Author mentioned in passing
Queen, Ellery  Mystery writer.
Quinn, ?  Neighbor of Barton Dawes.
Radner, Dave  Ran the washroom in the Blue Ribbon Laundry.
Rennie, Michael  Actor mentioned in passing
Reston, Muriel  State representative who was mentioned in passing
Ricker, Mrs.  Charlie Dawes nursery school teacher
Ridpath, ?  Friends of Barton Dawes
Ronk, Van  Blues singer mentioned in passing
Rucker, Hank  Mustang Boss
Rush, Tom  Blues singer mentioned in passing
Sales, Soupy  On TV show "To tell the truth"
St. Clare, Joanna  Jean Calloway's cousin in Minnesota.
Stauffer, Bill  Neighbor of Barton Dawes.
Stone, Ron (Stoneballs)  Foreman at the Blue Ribbon Laundry
Swinnerton, Harold (Harry)  Owner of Harvey's Gun Shop since his brother Harvey died.
Swinnerton, Harvey  Was the owner of Harvey's Gun shop. Brother of Harold.
Tarkington, Don  Father of Ray. Owned the Blue Ribbon Laundry.
Tarkington, Ray  Son of Ray. Owned the Blue Ribbon
Tremont, Ralph  Barton worked for him to get money for a TV
Truman, Walter  Mentioned in passing
Tucker, Forest  Character on the TV show "F-Troop"
Upshaw, Donna  Friend of Mary Dawes
Upslinger, Don  Father of Kenny Upslinger.
Upslinger, Kenny  Delivered papers to the Dawes' area.
Upslinger, Wilbur  Neighbor of Barton Dawes
Von Sydow, Max  Actor mentioned in passing
Vonnegut, Kurt  Wrote "Slaughterhouse Fire".
Walker, Arnie  Corey's brother
Walker, Corey Everett (Johnny)  Driver of laundry van for the Blue Ribbon Laundry since 1946.
Wallace, Tina  Married name of Tina Howard
Wasserman, Peter  In charge of deliveries at the Blue Ribbon Laundry
Welby, Marcus  Character on TV show
Wicker, Tom  Wrote "Facing the Lions"
Widmark, Richard  Actor mentioned in passing
Wilkenson, Bud  On energy saving commercial on TV for Exxon.
Winterburger, Victor  Democratic candidate
Young, Mrs.  Teacher at the nursery school that Charlie Dawes attended.
Younger, Dr.  Charlie Dawes' Neurologist


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